'Zygopetalum mackoii' Wall Hanging

Wall Hangings:Walnut batons
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Chromolithograph from Paradisus Vindobonensis by Stephen Friedrich Ladislaus Endlicher, Vienna, 1860

Our distinctive Wall Hangings add real character to a room. Printed onto our artist’s canvas each print retains every detail and the age-worn beauty of the original image. The canvas print is flanked top and bottom with beautiful walnut wood batons and has a smart leather cord ready to hang. Made to order, your Wall Hanging comes fully assembled.

Code: RHS0066

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Choose your Wall Hanging width and height from our dropdown options.

Wall Hangings are available from 500mm x 500mm (19 x 19 inches) to 1200mm (47 inches) wide x unlimited length.


Select format and finish

Printed onto our un-coated artist’s canvas each print is edged top and bottom with walnut wood batons and suspended by leather cord.


Choose your crop

Your crop area is now set at the dimensions that you have entered for your Wall Hanging.

You can move and resize the crop area to choose which part of the image you would like as your Wall Hanging.

The area will not change shape as it is locked to the ratio you have entered with the dimensions given.

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