How to Style Dopamine Décor in Your Home Interior

Surface View Blog / 02 Jan 2024

In the world of interior design, trends often come and go, but some have a lasting impact transcending the seasons. One trend that has been evolving is Dopamine Décor, a concept centred around injecting the feeling of joy, vibrant colours and energising elements into your living spaces. Derived from the hormone associated with pleasure and reward, Dopamine Décor aims to evoke joy, excitement and positivity within your home.

Among the numerous ways to infuse your space, wall murals emerge as a captivating and transformative feature. These murals go beyond mere adornments; they act as dynamic focal points that anchor a room’s ambience, infusing it with unparalleled character and depth.

Understanding the Colours of Dopamine Décor

Selecting colours for a dopamine-inspired interior design isn't about adhering to rigid rules of right or wrong shades; rather, it's an art of emotional resonance. The palette's impact hinges on the individual's perception and how colours evoke unique feelings. Warm hues like vibrant oranges or bold yellows might invigorate and energise, while cool blues or soothing greens could foster a sense of calm and focus. The key lies in the emotional response each colour triggers, guiding one's choice toward a personal tapestry of emotions woven into the living space. It's about crafting an environment that sparks joy, motivation, and contentment, harnessing the power of colours as emotive tools rather than adhering to predetermined norms.

Red: Energising Passion

The colour red ignites passion and energy within a space. It signifies energy and excitement so incorporating this hue through statement pieces like accent wall murals, throw pillows or artwork can ignite a sense of vitality within a room.

Pink: Playful Elegance

Pink embodies playfulness and elegance, representing affection, nurture and love. Introduce this colour through accent furniture or decorative accessories for a subtle inclusion or include a bold wall mural to add a touch of sophistication and whimsy.

Blue: Calm Serenity

Blue exudes calmness, stability and serenity. It is known to evoke a sense of relaxation and clarity. Whether through feature walls, décor items or furniture, incorporating blue can create a soothing and serene atmosphere in your home.

Yellow: Joyful Radiance

The colour yellow is the epitome of sunshine and happiness. It symbolises optimism, warmth and intellect and can bring warmth and positivity to any space. Consider adding a yellow statement wall mural in a room to instantly uplift spirits and create a welcoming atmosphere.

Green: Renewal and Growth

Green is nature’s hue, symbolising growth, harmony and renewal. Adding touches of green through wall art, plants or soft furnishings can create a calming and refreshing atmosphere, bringing the outdoors inside and promoting a sense of balance and tranquillity.

Incorporating Dopamine Décor into Your Home 

Stepping into a world of vibrant energy and lively hues with Dopamine Décor encapsulates the infusion of positivity and excitement. As homes become more than just living spaces but extensions of our personalities, understanding how to artfully incorporate this trend can unlock a world of possibilities, allowing you to curate spaces that not only captivate the eye but invigorate the spirit.

Colour Blocking

Colour blocking with wall murals in home interiors is a captivating way to infuse spaces with boldness and personality. Start by selecting complementary or contrasting hues that resonate with the room's ambience. Choose a central wall or a specific area to feature the mural, creating a focal point amidst the colour-blocked scheme. Ensure that the colours within the mural harmonise with the surrounding palette, either by complementing or standing out against adjacent walls.

Accessorise Thoughtfully 

Introduce these colours through decorative elements such as cushions, rugs, vases or artwork. Effortlessly draw attention to specific areas of a room by directing focus and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the space. Choose to accessorise that complement a bold wall mural.

Play with Textures

At Surface View, we have a diverse range of wall mural finishes that present a remarkable opportunity to elevate the impact of Dopamine Decor within any space. The standard smooth finish offers a sleek and contemporary canvas, perfect for vibrant and high-energy designs. Meanwhile, the linen finish adds depth and texture, lending a tactile dimension to the room that complements the dopamine-inspired colours and themes. For those seeking a touch of elegance intertwined with this dynamic style, the oriental finish provides a fusion of tradition and modernity, enhancing the decor with its intricate detailing and refined allure. Each finish acts as a unique backdrop, allowing the vivid hues and stimulating patterns of dopamine decor to resonate with enhanced depth and character, creating a truly immersive and invigorating environment.

Balance with Neutrals 

While embracing bold colours, balance them out with neutral tones like white, grey or beige to avoid overwhelming the space.

Natural Elements 

Incorporate natural elements such as wooden furniture or plants to complement the vibrant colours and create a harmonious balance within your space.

Embracing Dopamine Décor with Surface View

Dopamine Décor is a celebration of vibrant colours that evoke positivity, energy and joy within your home. With Surface Views collection of Dopamine Décor inspired wall murals, you can transform your space into an extension of your personality.

Dive into the world of colour, experiment without regret and create a home that not only looks stunning but also evokes a sense of contentment and happiness every time you step through the door.

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