Find out what samples we offer

If you have fallen in love with more than one image or product and are having a tricky time deciding, why not order a sample. Choose from a range of options for you to look and feel the quality of our products.

A5 finish samples are free. These are printed with an image that allows you to see the detailed print mark and feel the quality of each product finish before choosing. You can order finish samples for the following products: murals, prints, blinds. window films, canvases and wall charts

A4 image samples of your chosen image are available for murals only. These are printed at a standard scale on one of our mural wallpaper finishes and are £5. You cannot specify the finish. We recommend you order an A5 wallpaper finish pack as well as your A4 wallpaper image samples to help you choose exactly what you want.

Choose up to 5 designs to see your chosen images printed on wallpaper. Take time to plan your scheme and have fun matching colours, patterns and textures.

Popular images are held in stock and will be sent out the same day. More unusual images are printed to order so may take a little longer.

Samples are sent by Royal Mail post and cannot be tracked.

A3 Bespoke sample packs are also available for wall murals only and cost £20. You will receive one A3 print of your image at your exact scale and a print of your complete mural area scaled down to fit A3. Both are printed onto your specified mural finish. Our bespoke sample packs are all printed to order.

The cost of your bespoke sample pack can be redeemed off your final wall mural purchase. When you receive your A3 sample pack you will also receive a code which you can use at the checkout. This will deduct £20 from your final wallpaper mural purchase.

Not sure which sample option to go for? Get in touch with the team to discuss your requirements. Contact us here.


Tile samples

We are unable to offer this service as standard at present. However, if you would like a sample get in touch. Stocks are very limited due to the bespoke nature of the product, but if we can, we will send you a finish sample.


Colour match

Our printers are all calibrated to ensure colour continuity. However, there will be slight colour shifts between different finishes, as different surfaces absorb the inks differently. The samples and final products are all matched back to master files, however, there may be very slight colour shifts between print runs. These will be minimal and samples will give you a good indication of print mark and colour.

Room schemes

When your samples arrive we recommend you spend a little time looking at them in the context of your wider scheme before making your final decision. Always consider the patterns, colours and textures already in the room and don't forget the practical aspects of the room like the amount of wear and tear it needs to stand up to.

Have fun, play with the possibilities, we’re here to help you if you need any advice. Get in touch here

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