Behind the Scenes

Surface View is all about combining cutting edge technology with the curator’s eye and our skilled experts are the embodiment of that process. From sourcing and design, to individually made art prints, murals, tiles, canvases, blinds and window films delivered straight to your door, here’s how it happens:

woman with book of maps

In the beginning

It starts with a great image and a little imagination.

Our collection partners are some of the most renowned galleries, archives and museums in the world. Inspired by our founder’s love of stamp collecting, it’s all about the searching and finding of beautiful age worn images from historic archives. Some images we find are iconic and unmistakable, some are hidden gems consigned to dusty corners until our team spot their potential. The trick is knowing what will work in modern homes when transformed into our luxury window and wall coverings.

man photographing book

Where new meets old

Preserving the artistry of the original

Using the latest technology, our photographic studio is where each artwork, painting, illustration, document or fabric fragment is scanned or photographed to an incredibly high resolution. Every last detail of character and ‘age worn’ beauty is captured and preserved forever. Each image is treated with the same care and attention to detail. After all, for us image is everything.

book of maps photography

Breathing new life

Creating something new and exciting

Our design studio are experts in creating and artworking images, each one lovingly digitally remastered from the original source. It is here that we assess each and every image and decide whether to breathe new life into it - to amend the layout so it suits each of our products perfectly or to create stunning new colourways of pattern or loving restore images that have become dull over time.

man stretching canvas

Experts here to help

Sparking your imagination

We understand that taking on a decorating project can be daunting, and that it’s sometimes hard to visualise what a product could look like in your home. That’s why our team of stylists have created an abundance of roomsets of our products in real homes. Browse our gallery and find lots of inspiring images to spark your imagination.

Canvas packaging

Bespoke for you

Made to measure, made to order

Once you have chosen a product, selected an image and customised the crop and size of your product to your exact specification or found the perfect item in our buy now options, we make each and every product to order in our workshops in the UK – made to measure, made to order, made for you.

From us to you

Hand finished, packaged and delivered to you

Each product is hand finished, checked and signed off by our quality assurance team, then individually packaged to ensure it arrives with you in perfect condition and sent on its way, to begin the next stage in its adventure. We also make sure that each package contains all the instructions you need to install your Surface View product - you can also find them here.

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