A Look into 2024: Upcoming Interior Trends of the Year

Surface View Blog / 06 Dec 2023

As the calendar turns towards 2024, the world of interior design is poised to usher in a fresh wave of trends that promise to redefine our living spaces. From vibrant bursts of energy to sustainable chic, each trend looks to help you infuse your living spaces with contemporary style and personality.

Get ready to explore the exhilarating possibilities that 2024 holds for interior design with Surface View, as we introduce you to the exciting trends of Dopamine Décor, Evergreen, Back to Nostalgia, Dusky Rose, Midnight Sapphire, and Pure Luxe. It’s time to reimagine your living spaces and make the upcoming year a design journey filled with creativity, elegance and inspiration.  

Dopamine Décor: A Burst of Energy

In 2024, the Dopamine Décor trend is set to take the interior design world by storm, steering in a surge of vibrant energy and exuberance. This trend embraces a fearless use of colour, with electrifying blues, vivid yellows, and fiery reds at the forefront.

The aim? To stimulate your senses and infuse living spaces with an invigorating dose of joy. Think bold statement pieces, playful patterns, and unexpected combinations that breathe new life into every corner of your home. Get ready to ignite a sense of vitality and positivity that will leave you feeling invigorated and inspired every time you step through the front door.

Evergreen: Embracing Nature

The Evergreen trend for 2024 invites us to reconnect with nature in our interior spaces, emphasising sustainable design elements that echo the beauty of the natural world. With an increasing focus on environmental consciousness, the trend advocates for the use of eco-friendly materials and the incorporation of biophilic design.

From reclaimed wood accent walls to organic plant-centric décor, Evergreen encourages us to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living. The Evergreen trend also serves as a reminder that our homes can be sanctuaries of natural beauty, fostering a deep appreciation for the world around us.

Dusky Rose: Soft Sophistication 

Blush tones have been a perennial favourite in interior design, and in 2024, Dusky Rose emerges as a beacon of understated sophistication and timeless charm. The muted, dusky pink hues exude a sense of refinement, making it a versatile choice for a variety of spaces.

Dusky Rose brings an air of elegance, that creates a harmonious balance that is inviting and serene. This softer trend invites you to embrace a sense of quiet luxury, elevating your living spaces with a sense of understated opulence.

Back to Nostalgia: Timeless Elegance 

The Back to Nostalgia trend in 2024 invites you to embark on a captivating journey through time, rediscovering timeless colour pallets and the enduring charm of bygone eras. This trend celebrates the beauty of nostalgia, seamlessly blending cherished memories from different periods that exude a sense of history and nostalgia.

The rich, warm hues of mahogany, emerald greens and muted yellows serve as the cornerstone of this trend, creating a sense of heritage and storytelling.

Midnight Sapphire: Opulence Redefined

For those seeking a touch of drama and opulence, the Midnight Sapphire trend is set to captivate in 2024. Deep, velvety blues take centre stage, evoking a feeling of sophistication and luxury. 

Whether through statement pieces or subtle accents, this trend promises to infuse your space with an air of timeless elegance and understated grandeur. Embrace midnight sapphire in 2024, and let your home become a sanctuary of redefined extravagance.

Pure Luxe: Effortless Glamour on Your Walls

Pure Luxe encapsulates a vision of refined opulence and understated elegance. Embracing a minimal aesthetic, this trend focuses on the seamless integration of clean lines and a restrained colour palette. 

With pure luxe, it is about the art of curated indulgence, where every detail exudes a sense of effortless glamour. This trend invites you to create spaces that exude an air of refinement, where luxury is woven into the fabric of your home. 

Elevate Your Interiors in 2024 with Surface View 

As we stand on the cusp of 2024, the world of interior design beckons us to embrace change and uplifting trends. By incorporating these upcoming trends into our homes, we not only keep our spaces fresh and inviting but also reflect our evolving tastes. Whether you are drawn to the vibrant colours of Dopamine Décor or the understated elegance of Dusky Rose, 2024 is poised to be a year of creativity and innovation in interior design with Surface View. 

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