From Classics to Contemporary: Choosing Dark Academia-Inspired Wall Murals

Surface View Blog / 02 Oct 2023

In the world of interior design, dark academia has taken centre stage. Drawing inspiration from the aesthetics and atmosphere found in 19th-century traditional interiors, it embodies a rich, moody and intellectual ambience, blending elements of vintage, classical and gothic styles to create a captivating space.

Rooted in classical literature, art and history, dark academia is a style that transcends eras, making it a versatile choice for any home. In this blog post, we will guide you through choosing the perfect dark academia-inspired wall mural, from classical motifs to contemporary interpretations.

Embracing the Classics

Classic literature and artwork serve as the foundation of dark academia design. To bring this principle into your space, consider a large full-wall mural that pays homage to iconic works of art. Wall murals featuring classic portraits become a focal point that inspires curiosity and contemplation.

Timeless portrait wall murals are not just images; they are meticulously composed works of art. Consider murals that juxtapose elements of traditional portraiture with modern interior design and unexpected colour palettes. These pieces bridge the gap between the old and the new, adding a dynamic layer to your dark academia aesthetic.

Natural Elements and Botanical Wall Murals 

Bring the delicate beauty of the natural world into your home with dark academia-inspired wall murals featuring botanical illustrations, forest scenes and dark florals.

Dark floral wall murals are a marriage of opulence and nature’s untamed beauty. The deep, moody hues contrasted with vibrant blooms create a captivating visual narrative that is emblematic of the dark academia styling. Consider how the interplay of light and dark can be used to accentuate key elements in your space, drawing attention to specific areas or objects.

Architectural Marvels 

In dark academia interior design, the influence of esteemed institutions and academic grandeur is palpable. Selecting wall murals that showcase architectural wonders like towering columns, ornate arches or the stately facades of historic buildings evoke a sense of architectural prowess into your space.

Elaborate arches are the epitome of architectural elegance, evoking a sense of continuity and grandeur. Wall murals and canvas’ featuring these arches create a visual frame for your space, guiding the eye towards areas of interest and emphasising the dark academia aesthetic.

Vintage Maps and Globes On Your Wall

Maps and globes are emblematic of exploration and knowledge acquisition, so incorporating striking wall murals featuring antique world maps or celestial events can lend a touch of wanderlust and curiosity to your dark academia-inspired space.

Invite yourself to trace the footsteps of time with intricate depictions of continents, oceans and the moon to anchor your space in chronicles of exploration. Expand your horizons in the pursuit of discovery by incorporating vintage timeless wall murals, infusing your space with the spirit of dark academia.

Discover Dark Academia-Inspired Wall Murals From Surface View 

Choosing dark academia wall murals is choosing to journey through literature, art and mystery. By combining classic motifs with contemporary interpretations, you can create a space that exudes the refined elegance and scholarly charm that define this gothic and maximalist interior trend.  From wall murals to isolated canvas’, dark academia will leave you with the whispering tales of history and grace. Where will you be showcasing this style?

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