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Michael Angove

Michael’s work embodies his fascination with the natural world – not just the beauty of flowers but bugs and mini-beasts, fire, water and minerals too, creating vibrant and dramatic designs. 

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Magnolia - Caramel
Chrysanthemum - Flame
Citrus Grapefruit
Bluebell Fantasy
Floral Explosion
Iris Panorama
Jasmin Drift
Orange Blossom
Orange Blossom Menagerie
Topiary Repeat
Chrysanthemum - Aubergine
Chrysanthemum - Orange
Clematis Black Cherry
Clematis Black on White
Clematis Claret
Clematis Powder Blue
Curiosity Drawing
Dandy Spoons
Dark Angelica
Fir - Albertine
Fir - Deep Forest
Fir - Lacquer
Fir - Naturel
Fir - Stone
Freesia & Fruit
Ginger Lily
Honey Blossom

Bring the outdoors indoors with these abundant contemporary designs. Explore his modern botanical chinoiseries with their incredible detail that reveals the curious filigree of British flowers, plants and natural elements.

“I take inspiration from the weird and the wonderful, then, with a little bit of imagination, create designs that people can fall in love with.”

“If you are going to live with pattern on you walls then make sure it is glorious.” Michael Angove