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New York Botanical Garden

The New York Botanical Garden is an iconic living museum, a showpiece of natural beauty and wonder in the country’s busiest metropolis.

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Brazilian Jungle
Anthurium Radicans
Anthurium Bellum
Spathicarpa Gardneri
Spathicarpa Hastifolia
Spathicarpa Hastifolia Study
Dracontioides Desciscens
Asterostigma Lividum
Rhodospatha Oblongata
Xanthosoma Maximiliani
Philodendron Fragrantissimum
Arum Concinnatum Study
Arum Concinnatum
Clusia Grandiflora
Saribus Rotundifolius
Phoenix Rupicola
Garcinia × Mangostana
Tulipa XVII
Tulipa XII
Delphinium Formosum
Disa Grandiflora
Iris Xiphium
Flame of the Forest [Butea frondosa]
Flame Tree [Erythrina poeppigiana]
Royal Poinciana [Poinciana regia]
Malay Apple [Eugenia malaccensis]
Pride of Burma [Amherstia nobilis]
Peace Lily [Spathiphyllopsis minahassae]
China Berry [Melia azedarach]
Bird of Paradise [Strelitzia reginae]
Crinum Giganteum
Amerikaansche Kerschen

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