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New York Botanical Garden

The New York Botanical Garden is an iconic living museum, a showpiece of natural beauty and wonder in the country’s busiest metropolis. We have hand-picked the best of the bunch – browse detailed hand drawn studies of flowers, plants and trees, copper plate engravings of 18th century gardens, vintage seed packets and incredible insect and bird illustrations - you'll find the best blooms here!

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Disa Grandiflora
Iris Xiphium
Flame of the Forest [Butea frondosa]
Flame Tree [Erythrina poeppigiana]
Royal Poinciana [Poinciana regia]
Malay Apple [Eugenia malaccensis]
Pride of Burma [Amherstia nobilis]
Peace Lily [Spathiphyllopsis minahassae]
China Berry [Melia azedarach]
Bird of Paradise [Strelitzia reginae]
Crinum Giganteum
Amerikaansche Kerschen
Bouquet in a Vase
Peone Femelle Rouge
Rosa Sinensis
Amarylli Crocata
Ardea Alba
Ardea Carulea
B.K. Bliss and Sons Seed Catalogue
Cabbage-tree Palm [Livistona australis]