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Surface View Blog / 08 Dec 2020

What’s your interior design style – are you a lover of simplistic elegance, or perhaps you find yourself most inspired by nature?  No matter your taste, there is always the perfect piece of art out there that expresses your creativity, so you can design a home that reflects your personality.

The Ella Doran Collection

Ella Doran pioneered the application of natural and still-life photography to create innovative patterns that add quirkiness and personality to the home.

She conveys the natural and man-made world in a way that challenges the expected. Discover everyday life through her artistic lens and open your home to an abundance of vibrant, aesthetically entertaining, yet refreshingly simple designs.

View the full Ella Doran Collection and enjoy the juxtaposition between the photography of industrial inventions, wildlife, and inanimate daily objects. Each piece emotes a different feeling, allowing you to find something extraordinary in the ordinary.

Bouffants and Broken Hearts

Maximalism is back and it’s here to stay! Experiment with colour clashing, playful patterns and a myriad of creativity.

Bouffants and Broken Hearts is the work of Kendra Dandy. It features retro designs, funky illustrations, and witty motifs that invite life and flair into your interiors. Rediscover the beauty in maximalism and curate your own stylish interiors with carefully selected prints and eccentric designs.

View the full collection for a wealth of variety, from modern abstract designs to floral illustrations. Dare to be bold and make a statement with your interiors.

Nic Miller Photography

Discover the Nic Miller collection and style your interiors with a plethora of must-have photography. 

This portfolio of breathtaking photography features a range of stunning images depicting the natural world in its rawest form. Indulge in everything from panoramic shots of the British coastline, to detailed imagery of the textures and patterns found in nature.

Experience the simple beauty of the elements and invite nature into your home no matter the season. View the full collection and find the perfect photography for your interiors. 


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Shop our full collection of prints and reinvent your décor ready for the new season.

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