How to design your perfect bedroom with wallpaper murals

Surface View Blog / 08 Mar 2019

Long winter nights are the perfect time to start planning your latest home design projects, starting with one of the most used rooms– the bedroom. We’ve put together our top tips on bedroom wallpaper mural design ideas to help inspire your next home design project.

The look and feel of your bedroom is important, it’s the room where you begin and end each day. Make your bedroom your sanctuary, a place where you can decompress and relax after a long day, as well as a place which motivates and energises you for a productive morning, improving overall health and happiness.

Oaitepeha Bay, Tahiti’ Mural | National Maritime Museum

Transport yourself to a far-flung destination with this ‘Oaitepeha Bay, Tahiti’ wallpaper mural from the National Maritime Museum Collection.

Wallpaper Murals

Wallpaper murals are the perfect way to create a uniquely personal space, making them our top choice of bedroom décor. Reflect your personality in your bedroom design and choose a bedroom wallpaper mural which reflects your taste and create a stunning feature wall. With so many beautiful bedroom wallpaper mural images to choose from, don’t limit yourself and explore the possibilities!

Choosing your wallpaper

Whether dark and dramatic midnight tones are your thing or you’re more about the feminine charms of Millennial Pink and Living Coral, your bedroom décor should always be an expression of what makes you unique. Select a bedroom wallpaper mural which speaks to you, draws you in and makes you feel at home.

‘Cherry Blossom’ Mural | Trunk Archive

Natures ultimate Millennial Pink – Cherry Blossom by photographer Jamie Chung is transformed into a feature wall from the Trunk Archive collection.

‘Spring Loosely’ Mural | Trunk Archive

Oversized blooms are a great way of bringing nature into the bedroom, this dreamy flower wallpaper mural by photographer David Slijper from the Trunk Archive collection is pastel perfect.

Selecting the ideal bedroom wallpaper mural can be quite a daunting task. With so many stunning images to choose from, we’ve broken it down to 4 easy steps to make sure you pick something that’s right for you.

Step One

Start your bedroom mural search by gathering all the images you love. You don’t need to justify why just pull together images and designs that you’re instantly drawn to. Once you’ve chosen at least 10-15 great images, look at them closely. 

Are there any patterns forming? Have you chosen all floral designs or perhaps you’re drawn to photographic designs? Maybe you’ve selected Arts & Crafts patterns or real-life textures? It could be that you’ve picked colours of a similar tone or shade. It’s important to begin with understanding why you’ve chosen these images will start to unpick what designs excite you and you can start narrowing your search by sticking to your criteria. This will also ensure you’re not installing your bedroom wallpaper on a whim, and that you’re choosing a mural you will love. Start your search by just gathering everything you love. You don’t need to justify why just pull together images and designs that you’re instantly drawn to. Once you’ve got at least 10-15 start looking at these a little deeper.

Understanding why you’ve chosen these images will start to unpick what designs excite you and you can start narrowing your search by sticking to your criteria. This will also ensure you’re not installing wallpaper on a whim and it’s something you can live with for a while.

Step Two

You’ve found the style of images you love, next up is considering the paper type that will best suit your requirements. The last thing you want to do is have your heart set on a design, only to find out it doesn’t give you the look and finish you want to achieve. We recommend gathering samples of your favourite papers and comparing these samples with each other. Do they feel like they could withstand general wear and tear of the home? Are they thin or thick? Are they suitable to be wiped down? Do they offer you the finishes that you like?

TOP TIP: Avoid any wallpaper finish that is too thin as this will show up the inconsistencies of your wall. Thicker wallpaper is much better at hiding any lumps and bumps and generally hang much better on your wall. Our linen textured wallpaper finish feature a woven finish reminiscent of printed fabric, for a warm and soft effect, suitable for both home and commercial application.

Step Three

Before you settle on a design and paper quality, it’s worth working out a rough guide of costs. If you’re going down the traditional wallpaper route, does the roll allow you minimal waste or are you going to be left with the best part of a roll once your wallpaper is up? 

If it’s the latter, you might want to look at bespoke wallpaper murals, printed to your exact specifications. That way you’ll know the final price prior to installing and you won’t be left with any odd rolls hanging around for years afterwards!

‘Artichoke’ Mural | National Galleries of Scotland

Step Four

Now you’ve selected your wallpaper finish and decided if you’re going down the traditional wallpaper or wallpaper mural route, you can finalise your image choice. 

Hang samples of potential designs on the chosen wall to live with for a bit and if possible get samples of your wallpaper mural at scale so you can really visualise what the mural will look like. 

Don’t forget to check out your chosen brands social media pages as well to see how other customers have used their designs in real-life settings, you never know you might spot a hidden gem, which is a complete game changer! 


Paint & Pattern

Pair paint and pattern together, match colours from your wallpaper with a complementing paint. By selecting your wallpaper first this will make it much easier. 

With so many custom mix paints on the market, this should be a relatively easy task although make sure you invest in some sample pots to compare, sometimes these can vary more than you expect!

TOP TIP: Choose the ground colour from your wallpaper design to paint your other walls, this gives the illusion of your feature wallpaper and paint blending together. 

Don’t be afraid to carry this onto your woodwork and doors or if you’re feeling bold select a contrasting colour for your doors and/or skirting, an easy twist that creates a really cohesive scheme. 

William Morris’ Snakehead wallpaper is the perfect contrast to the black fireplace, complementing the moody tones whilst incorporating pops of colour.

‘Flowers in a Vase with Shells and Insects’ Mural | National Gallery

The ombre grey background in this gorgeous National Gallery ‘Flowers in a Vase with Shells and Insects’ mural perfectly matches the dark grey woodwork giving the printed mural a painted on effect.

From a series of paintings by Paola Veronese, ‘Allegory of Love, IV’ Mural by National Gallery has been hung above and below the picture rail to really play with the proportions of the room and give a sense of grandeur. 

Rich colours will create a cosy feel, perfect for both master bedrooms and guest rooms. Deep, rich colours like midnight blues and emerald greens will create a cosy, intimate feel, perfect for both master and guest bedrooms. . This approach works for both small and large bedroom creating a statement which is on trend yet has timeless appeal.


These deep tones in Michael Angove’s Iris Mural are cosy and cocooning, the perfect backdrop to a peaceful night’s sleep.

Anchor your scheme around your wallpaper mural, with complementary furnishing and accessories to elevate the whole room for a well-executed look.

Will you be trying out any of our tips and tricks for your bedroom makeover?

Tag us in any bedroom reveals on social media @surfaceview, we’d love to see what you create!

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