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New: Walls on Walls

A range of new repeating textures and surfaces that have been taken from original photography of real walls to create contemporary trompe l’oeil effects and abstract textured patterns. The designs include vintage brickwork, a living wall of ivy, distressed metal tiles and board formed concrete. Two designs have been created from images of distressed plastered and painted walls to create a horizontal stripped textured effect and a softly textured kaleidoscopic pattern. All designs are repeated horizontally and can be repeated vertically on request, some are available in the original colourways only and some in a range of on trend colours.

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Concrete Wood Linen
Concrete Wood Slate
Concrete Wood Dove Grey
Brickwork Red Clay
Brickwork Dove Grey
Metal Tile Wall Linen
Ivy Wall Garden Green
Glasshouse Check Truffle
Glasshouse Check Colbalt
Glasshouse Check Dove Grey
Glasshouse Check Linen
Glasshouse Check Teal
Servants Quarters Stripe Parchment
Servants Quarters Stripe Dove Grey
Servants Quarters Stripe Amethyst
Servants Quarters Stripe Mineral