The Royal Observatory Greenwich Collection

Surface View Blog / 02 Feb 2021

What is written in the stars? Is there life on Mars?

If you have found yourself gazing into the night sky, perhaps contemplating how big the universe is, the new Surface View collection from the Royal Observatory Greenwich offers incredibly detailed and awe-inspiring images for you to ponder over.

With the Mars Rover, Perseverance, currently making its way to the Jezero Crater and due to land on 18th February 2021, the universe beyond has never been more fascinating. The recent global COVID-19 pandemic has also left countless trapped at home, resulting in an influx of those seeking interest and solace in the night sky. For many, the occasional glance at the endless canopy of stars has not been enough to satisfy their astronomical appetite.

This new collection from the Royal Observatory Greenwich, allows you to bring breath-taking constellations and lunar landscapes into your home and transform your décor.

Surface View, in partnership with The Royal Observatory Greenwich, takes you on a journey with some of the most incredible cosmic images. Think sophisticated astronomy, textured earthrise images, monochrome maps, and zodiac patterns; along with star-strewn prints, galaxy murals and galactic surfaces.

If you are looking to ponder life, the universe and beyond and are wanting a subtle astronomical hint, one of our prints would be a perfect conversation starter. If you want to go bold, the sky is the limit - scale up with a wallpaper mural, creating an all-out tribute that is out of this world. The collection transcends being prescribed to any one room and would work well anywhere, however styled.

Simply put, this collection is stellar.

Browse this star-studded collection for a picture that will make your home interiors shine.

View the new Royal Observatory Greenwich collection here. 

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