The Surface View 2021 Style Guide

Surface View Blog / 14 Jan 2021

2021 is going to be an exciting new year of interior design trends, all uplifting and bringing style and sophistication to your home. Whether you love bold and vibrant décor, or understated minimalism, there’s a trend for you.  

Pantone Colour of the Year 

Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow - whether you’re a trend setter or follower, it’s hard not to be influenced by the heavily anticipated Pantone colour of the year! Surface View has a broad collection of images showcasing these two welcoming tones that will freshen up any room.

A message of happiness supported by fortitude, the combination of PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Grey + PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating is aspirational and gives us hope. We need to feel that everything is going to get brighter – this is essential to the human spirit. – Pantone

After the chaos of 2020, a lift to our sprits is exactly what we need, and this colour combination gives that sophisticated vibrance!

Naval Colour Trend

The Naval interior trend is designed around dark shades of rich, moody blues that pair beautifully with almost any colour. Navy is, and always will be, a timeless classic that remains a popular trend within the design world. A full Navy wall creates a bold and dramatic look, or consider using key pieces with Naval accents to give the same look and feel. 

Statement Pieces

Statement pieces are there, quite simply, to make a statement, showing your taste and personality in a big way. Creating a statement is a big commitment - whether you choose something daring, sumptuous hues, sultry backdrops, technical geometric prints, vibrant splashes of colour or a simple and more contemporary design, the depth and drama of these show-stopping pieces can drastically transform a room. Go big, go bold, but above all, make sure you love it.

Natural Elements

Incorporating natural elements into interiors don’t always need to be as obvious as huge wooden furniture or wicker everything, everywhere. Nature comes in all shapes and sizes and introducing such elements through prints is the perfect way to create a relaxing escape in your home. An earthy colour palette, or even looking to bugs, birds, botanicals, landscapes or ocean prints can create a serene feel. 

Line Art

Line art is becoming increasingly trendy following on from last year, one line at a time. Line art has been around for a long time, with some of the best line drawings being by Matisse and Picasso. These art pieces create faces and bodies using fluid lines in one relaxing, smooth motion. They embrace simplicity and empty space, bringing minimalism to the art world. The pieces are created with no breaks, different line widths and [S1] or shading, and while traditionally most of the art is done on a white background with black paint, there have been interesting expansions on the idea in more modern pieces. Due the natural fluidity of the style line art works beautifully in areas where you want to create a calming effect. 

White with Black Details

White creates space whilst the use of black adds a focal point that grounds, anchors, and adds a sophistication to any room. The use of black and white in decorating gives a fresh, clean and elegant look, making black and white the perfect combination for those looking for modern minimalism and a love of classic neutrals. It’s impossible to escape how popular all-white homes and walls seem to be right now and this does create the perfect back drop for prints that reflect this. Another way to add white with black details is through texture.

Our collection Textures features some extraordinary surfaces found in urban locations across the UK and amongst the faded splendour of once opulent National Trust houses.

'Concrete II White' is the perfect example of this and would bring the ideal amount of white with black details to any room.

White with black is a versatile trend as it works with any colour therefore could be paired with pieces you already have, allowing you to curate your own collection.

Touches of colour

When it comes to where you choose to add touches of colour, size really doesn’t matter. If the area you are looking to decorate is small, it does not mean you have to make sacrifices. By adding bright and fresh colours you add interest to the space, and this can be done with wall hangings, prints, wall murals or canvases. The only thing to be wary of is ensuring you limit the palette with your accessories. Two or three colours picked out from your favourite print is perfect to achieve a revitalising, but not overwhelming, look.


Above all trends come and go. The most important thing is that you love the art you have in your home and that it works beautifully with your personal style and taste. Ready to get started? 

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