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Ashmolean Museum

A cornucopia of art, antiquities and decorative arts from around the world have been carefully selected from the unique collection at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, England.  Here you’ll find dramatic floral still life oil paintings by Dutch Masters, exquisite Japanese wood block prints, 18th and 19th century Indian and Persian art and Pre-Raphaelite paintings.

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Opera Mask V
Ottoman velvet with carnations
Pilgrim Map of Mathura
Pilgrim Map of Varanasi (Benares)
Portrait Bust of Jahangir I
Portrait Bust of Jahangir II
Portrait of a Prince
Portrait of a Seated Raja
Ramakali {ragini}, from a {Ragamala} series
Red-vented Bulbul
River Landscape
Sesa-sai Vishnu
Sultan Abdullah Qutubshah of Golconda I
The 'Pine of Success' at the Onmaya Embankment
The Coast at Hota In Awa Province
The Courtesan Tagasode of Daimonji-ya
The Day Dream I
Vishnu on a Lotus Petal Throne