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Behind the Scenes

It starts with a beautiful image. Surface View is about
combining cutting-edge technology with the curator’s eye.


From sourcing, reproduction and design, to individually made prints and installation, here’s how it works. Surface View is all about combining cutting-edge technology with the curator’s eye, and our skilled experts are the embodiment of that process.

Every image, whether from our collection or your own supplied image, is treated with the same care and attention to detail. After all, for us, image is everything.

  • Behind Scenes #1

    Step. 1

    It starts with a great image and a little imagination.

  • Behind Scenes #2

    Step. 2

    The photographic studio, where every last detail of character and ‘age worn’ beauty is captured forever.

  • Behind Scenes #3

    Step. 3

    Exploring, curating and creating with images, each one lovingly digitally re-mastered from original sources.

  • Behind Scenes #4

    Step. 4

    Each and every print is individually made according to your bespoke specifications, at our print workshop here in the UK.

  • Behind Scenes #5

    Step. 5

    Your print is individually packaged and sent on its way, to begin the next stage in its adventure.