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Surface View is quite simple. It's where our images and your
imagination come together to create stunning interiors.

It begins with the image.
We curate and remaster incredible imagery, working with famous collections and uncovering hidden gems. We’re constantly on the lookout
for the beautiful, the unusual, the wonderful and the unique. We present the image to you, and with a little imagination you transform it into
an extraordinary interior product which is uniquely yours.
The only limit is your imagination.
With our totally bespoke interior decoration,
the possibilities are endless. We love the idea that you can take an old master and make it work perfectly within a modern interior.
Or crop and rescale an 18th Century textile design to create a unique contemporary statement. Surface View is all about playing
with scale and juxtaposition.
Our website is your playground.
You can shop right now from our ravishing recommendations, or take your time to customise your own creations from our stunning collections. Explore our images, use your imagination, play with the possibilities. Collect your favourites in My Surface View, read about them in the Journal, watch our videos, and discover what you can do with Surface View.