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Warner Textile Archive

The Warner Textile Archive is one of the world’s leading pattern, wallpaper and textile archives.

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Flamingoes and Magnolia Scenic Aqua
Flamingoes and Magnolia Scenic Plaster Pink
Flamingoes and Magnolia Scenic Midnight
Flamingoes and Magnolia Panel
Floral Dream
Banyan Tree
Le Port
Paris sous la Consulat
Summer Poppies
Annabel - Grey
Annabel - White
Antoinette - Grey
Antoinette - White
Aviary Graden - Grey
Aviary Graden - White
Banyan Tree
Bright blotched flowers
Chantilly - Grey
Chantilly - White
Garden of Eden I - Grey
Garden of Eden I - White
Garden of Eden II
Ghent - Grey
Ghent - White
Hydrangea - Grey
Hydrangea - White
Porcelain - Grey

We scoured over 60,000 documents and printed textiles to create our edit of classic designs from the 19th and 20th century including delicate toile de jouy, elegant florals and classic chintzes. Take a look some are surprising modern in their bold use of shape and colour.