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Vintage Photography

From the Royal Photographic Society Collection at the V&A, we’ve chosen this selection of pioneering vintage photographs showing 19th century experiments with the medium. 

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Plate 596, Animal Locomotion
An eclipse, 1862
Full Moon, between 1858 and 1862
Solar corona, 22 June 1936
Total Solar Eclipse, 29 June 1927
Solar corona, 19 July 1936
Eclipse of the Sun, 7 August 1869
Halley's Comet
Comet 1911 IV (Brooks), November 3d 14h 50m
Burning Leaves, Kensington Gardens
By the Water's Edge, 1900
November, 1890
Morning Mists, 1893
The Bride, 1905
Margate Beach, Blue Girl
6th August 1906
The Boat Trip
Rebecca, 1938
Moon crater
The Still, glassy Lake
Transparency, 12x10 - Moon, last quarter

Exquisite, dramatic and beautiful images including landscapes, portraits and some of the first photographs of the moon and solar eclipses.