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Vintage Maps

Enchanting, nostalgic and full of age worn beauty, these vintage maps offer visions of a world long since disappeared.

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World Surface Routes
Huissen White
Australasia and South-West Pacific
County of London
Isobars & Isohyets - British Isles
Isotherms - British Isles
Isotherms - World
Isotherms and Isobars - Europe
Languages of Commerce
London and Environs
Mediterranean and Africa
Seasonal Distribution of Rain
Temperature - Anomalies, Extremes, Ranges
The Americas
The British Isles
Winds over the Oceans
World Air Routes
World Mankind
World Physiography
World Vegetation
Zoogeographical Regions

Found amongst rare manuscripts in the Bartholomew archive they include maps of the world, UK, London, Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa. Try using them as wallpaper murals and large scale prints or canvases in studies, bedrooms or open plan living spaces.