V&A Eastern

Surface Views Orientalism is a delight with visual arts to represent eastern subjects or Travel to the Orient with our vast Eastern art collection indulge in rich historic and contemporary art originating from various Asian cultures.

Wasp, Red Flower & Foliage
Snail, Pink Flower and Foliage
Egrets Amongst Reeds
Derbyan Parakeet
Drawing of Bamboo
Butterflies and Chrysanthemums
Detail of a Kimono
Panel of Wallpaper II
Flower vase on stool with flowering tree
Hanging II
Hanging II
Panel of Wallpaper I
Screen panel
Screen Panel
Wotton-Under-Edge Chinoiserie Panel
Fragment of Wallpaper
Flowering Shrubs & Mayflies
Wallpaper panel
Ming Mountain Scroll
Hanging I
Camellia Chinoiserie Wallpaper Fragment
Wallpaper design
Wallpaper design with Strawberries
Camellia Chinoiserie Jade Green
Wotton-Under-Edge Chinoiserie Parchment
Wotton-Under-Edge Chinoiserie Stone
Camellia Chinoiserie Plaster Pink
Wotton-Under-Edge Chinoiserie Clay Blue

Stylistic characteristics original to the East. Perfect for prints, canvases, wallpaper murals, roller blinds and tiles.