V&A Chinoiserie

Chinoiserie is the wallpaper that will is always on trend. Chinoiserie features a pattern that never repeats, meaning each and every inch of your wall Surface View statement wall is unique.

Wotton-Under-Edge Chinoiserie Panel
Camellia Chinoiserie Wallpaper Fragment
Camellia Chinoiserie Parchment
Camellia Chinoiserie Duck Egg
Camellia Chinoiserie Plaster Pink
Camellia Chinoiserie Jade Green
Wotton-Under-Edge Chinoiserie Mist Green
Wotton-Under-Edge Chinoiserie Clay Blue
Wotton-Under-Edge Chinoiserie Stone
Wotton-Under-Edge Chinoiserie Parchment
Wallpaper design
Hanging I
Hanging II
Hanging II
Fragment of Wallpaper
Flowering Shrubs & Mayflies
Screen panel
Screen Panel
Panel of Wallpaper I
Panel of Wallpaper II
Flower vase on stool with flowering tree
Snail, Pink Flower and Foliage

 The designs of chinoiserie wallpaper depict beautiful swirling flora and birds perched or in flight, which creates a stunning mural-like effect. As Chinoiserie is a repeat it also lends itself perfectly to ceramic tiles and roller blinds.