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The British Library

The British Library is one of the world's greatest collections of books, manuscripts, prints and drawings, spanning almost three Millennia. Explore our selection of maps, charts, illustrations, end-papers, posters, vintage photography, botanical and bird studies among the many fascinating ephemera right here.

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Page of Khamsa manuscript with deer in the borders
Page of Khamsa manuscript with flowers in border
Page of Khamsa manuscript with wildlife in borders
Red floral & green foliage
Red floral & green foliage on a yellow background
Samson v Jackson
Scouting for Boys, part 1
Shapur returning to Khusrau
Steller's Jay and Lapland Longspur
The Angry Queen
The Caribou
The Cheshire Cat II
The Greatest Performing Elephant in the World
The Mad Hatter's Tea Party II
The Metropolitan Public Gardens Association
The Moon with Schickhard and Gassendi craters
The Moose