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The British Library

The British Library is one of the world's greatest collections of books, manuscripts, prints and drawings, spanning almost three Millennia. Explore our selection of maps, charts, illustrations, end-papers, posters, vintage photography, botanical and bird studies among the many fascinating ephemera right here.

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Cooper's Hawk and Palm Warbler
Drink me
Egyptian Vulture
Floral design II
Flycatcher, Anteater and Warbler
Gladiolus and Iris plants
Khusrau and Shirin listening to stories told by ShirinĂ­s maidens
Little Red Riding Hood
London in miniature with the surrounding villages
Magnolia II
Magnolia, the umbrella tree
Male and female Passenger pigeon
Manuscript Map of Peking
Map of the New Military Road
Marbled Paper I
Mrs Beeton's
Musk Pod
Oak tree
Orange-spotted Bulbul