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A comprehensive collection of high resolution photographic imagery of real wall surfaces including concrete, brick, textured and weathered plaster, library walls of antique books and taxidermy.

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Concrete Wood Slate
Concrete Wood Dove Grey
Brickwork Dove Grey
Servants Quarters Stripe Parchment
Servants Quarters Stripe Dove Grey
Servants Quarters Stripe Amethyst
Servants Quarters Stripe Mineral
Glasshouse Check Truffle
Glasshouse Check Colbalt
Glasshouse Check Dove Grey
Glasshouse Check Linen
Glasshouse Check Teal
Concrete Bands
Brickwork Red Clay
Brickwork White
Concrete I
Concrete I White
Concrete II
Concrete II White
Concrete III
Concrete III White
Concrete Slab I
Concrete Wood I White
Concrete Wood II
Concrete Wood IV White
Concrete Wood Linen
Cracked Concrete White
Cracked Paint
Distressed Stripe
Drawing Room Library

Our photographer Jon Osborne has uncovered some extraordinary textures and surfaces found in urban locations across the UK and amongst the faded splendour of once opulent National Trust houses.