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Here’s a checklist of the many print products we can offer.
From textiles to Formica®, we combine the very latest digital
innovations with traditional craft and expert know-how.

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Here’s a checklist of the many print products we can offer. From textiles to Formica®, we combine the very latest digital innovations with traditional craft and expert know-how.
The products detailed in this section are just part of our ever-expanding range of print options developed with professionals in mind.
If you’re interested in any of our products, please contact us on +44(0)118 922 1327 [email protected].

Formica ®


Formica® – timeless classic or practical workhorse? Whatever your take on it, the hard stuff is back in fashion, and it’s moved with the times, too. Now you can bond stunning Surface View images within its high pressure laminate panels.

We are proud to work with Formica®, who have been creating their trademarked high pressure laminates for more than 90 years. The benefits and applications of Formica® are well-known, and some of its many uses include cubicles, vanity units, door skins, wall paneling, furniture surfaces, signage, and exterior cladding.


SizeThe maximum size for Formica sheets is 3660mm x 1525mm

FinishesMatte -58 Standard or Gloss available on special request.

FittingFire tested in accordance with
EN 13501 - 1.

3M Textured Wall Film ®

This revolutionary product enables brickwork, concrete, industrial stucco, tile and similar surfaces to be transformed into a stunning mural. The film conforms perfectly to the texture on the wall, and looks just like a painted surface. Developed by 3M to provide excellent adhesion to moderately textured wall surfaces, it has a grey adhesive that covers any existing image or colour.

You can choose between satin or lustre finishes.

There’s no limit to the size of your mural. It comes supplied in ‘drops’ of up to 1220mm. Textured wall film is applied with 5mm overlaps but these are barely visible, especially on a rough surface.

Applying this film involves the use of high temperature heat sources, 3M’s textured surface applicator tools and unique techniques. We recommend that you use Surface View’s own highly experienced installers or a similarly trained and certificated team.

3M Scotchprint Match Component

We provide a two year interior warranty; the expected life is longer, but depends on the severity of the textured surface.This product can be used externally with an expected life of between six months and two years; it should be seen as a promotional product when used out of doors.


We can now print images onto a range of high quality textiles suitable for interior décor. Whether you are creating curtains, drapes, soft panelling, cushions or low-usage upholstery, speak to us about your ideas and we can advise on the suitability of the different fabrics and printing techniques.

Our textiles include cotton poplin, cotton drill, cotton voile, calico, linen, silk organza, silk viscose satin, silk linen, silk cotton, polyester, silk viscose velvet and many more. Please note that these products are not available through our website – please call us directly for more details, samples or to find out the full range of fabrics available.

Fabric Systems


Click here to watch a video of our fabric system being installed

Printed onto recyclable fabric and stretched over lightweight frames, fabric systems are a smart, commercial way to display great images. Easy to handle, straightforward to install, and simple to update, fabric prints can save you up to 84% of your shipping costs. And because they are 100% recyclable, they will also reduce your overall carbon footprint.

SizeWe can produce fabric up to 3200mm wide in one piece.

FinishesAvailable fabrics include cotton, poplin, cotton drill, cotton voile, calico, linen, silk organza, silk/viscose velvet and many more.

EnvironmentalAn ideal way to reduce the carbon footprint of your displays, digital textiles are 100% recyclable, while the dyes are harmless, odour free and produce no VOCs

FixingLightweight and easy to handle, large fabric systems can be installed with simple fixings or magnets by one person – we can also tension them onto aluminium frames. A variety of options are available, including wall-mounted or stand-alone frames, and the fabric systems work well in interiors and exteriors alike.

Glazing and Opaque films

We work closely with 3M to offer a wide range of options for applying internal and external murals and graphics to glazing schemes in buildings. These specialist products are not available through our website, so please call us to discuss what you need.

Ultra Clear Glazing Film
A highly effective way to apply graphics to glazing, Ultra Clear Glazing Film is invisible and optically clear once applied. You can combine it with white digital print and full colour digital print technology.

3M Scotchcal 210 Series Films
Durable and dimensionally stable, these translucent films are available in two options; Dusted Crystal Film gives the appearance of etched glass, while Frosted Crystal Film is reminiscent of sand blasted glass. The films show a uniform colour in both reflected and transmitted light, and have a low gloss finish to eliminate glare. You can combine them with white digital print and full colour digital print technology to create a wide range of imaginative glazing graphics.

Coloured Gels / Translucent films
The ideal way to add privacy and colour interest to your glazing scheme. You can combine them with white digital print and full colour digital print technology. These films can also be pre-spaced CAD CAM cut to specific shapes, letters or logos.

Invented by Contravision, these ‘one way’ interior and exterior window graphics appear opaque from the outside but are transparent when seen from the inside. This eliminates the claustrophobia of opaque window graphics, even while maximising privacy. Contravision also reduces solar heat gain, glare and UV radiation, and improves safety by identifying the location of the glass. If you have a specific requirement or challenge please call us and we’ll recommend the best solution.

Opaque Films and Laminates
Films and laminates provide our clients with even greater choice and flexibility. We offer a wide range of specialist printable and self-coloured films suitable for almost any surface application, including contoured walls and floors. These enable interior graphics to be extended around your interior space, whatever the existing substrate. If you have a specific requirement or challenge please call us and we’ll recommend the best solution.

Ceramic tiles


Click here to watch a video of our ceramic tiles being installed

Fusing traditional ceramics techniques with the latest digital innovations, we now offer image high fired designs onto quality floor and wall tiles. Ideal for transforming tiled areas using unique imagery, our ceramic tiles conform to international standards so are suitable for residential and contract specification.

Our wall tiles come in a range of sizes from 10cm x 10cm to 30cm x 30cm. We also offer a very hardwearing floor tile with a composite ceramic material in a range of larger sizes.

You can choose between matt, satin or gloss finishes.

Our tiles conform to British Standard EN 14411: 2003

Surface View can work with a range of specified tile types and sizes, ensuring that your mural fits seamlessly into the intended area. For more details please call us.

3M Di Noc

Surface View offers 3M DI NOC. Hugely popular in Japan where it was developed, but still relatively unknown in the UK, it offers a wide range of architectural finishes which can either be printed on directly, or used to compliment interior graphics. The result of 3M’s decades of experience in the production of self-adhesive films, DI NOC has excellent resistance to water, dirt, impact, abrasion and mould, and is flame retardant and IMO certified for the marine sector. The PS single colour Series are treated with an anti-bacterial finish which make them suitable for hospitals and other clean environments.

Lighter in weight than traditional paneling and much more flexible than other traditional finishes, 3M DI NOC can conform around 2D and 3D curves and adheres to most typical building substrates, allowing clean and fast in-situ application.

Fire Rating
Class 0 and IMO certified for the marine sector.

DI NOC architectural finishes are covered by a 12-year indoor warranty and for up to 5 years outdoors.

DI NOC offers a huge range of patterned and textured finishes, from natural to high tech, encompassing faithful reproductions of wood, metal, marble, leather, stone, stucco and many other finishes. Even if you choose not to print onto DI NOC, we believe it’s a brilliant product for our professional customers. The high quality finishes also have a consistency which is so often missing or difficult to achieve with natural products. Please call us to find out more.

Plywood Panels


Click here to watch a video of our plywood panels being installed

The natural look of full colour images reproduced on wood has become increasingly popular. We can produce entire walls printed onto plywood for dramatic, warm and textured interiors. In fact,thanks to our specialist equipment we can offer a wide range of printing possibilities on wood panels up to 40mm thick. If you have any questions about printing on wood, please feel free to call us.

Wood can be printed in panels measuring up to 3124mm x 1600mm. Because it’s a non-contact process we can also print on textured or panelled products such as doors.

Plywood, along with a range of other woods. We can even print onto pin board material and cork. What’s more, they all look fantastic.

How to order
If you are interested in creating a plywood frieze, or other wood panel designs, contact us directly on +44(0)118 922 1327 or [email protected]

We have detailed installation guides for plywood panels. Visit our support section for more information, or contact us directly if you would like us to organise installation for you.