Canvas wall art

Your chosen image is printed at exceptionally high resolution onto superior fine textured artist’s canvas using the very latest digital technology. This gives you vibrant, true-to-life colours that stand the test of time and retain the characteristics of the original image.

You can choose between stretched and unstretched canvases. Both are available from 500mm x 500mm (19 x 19 inches) up to 3000 x 3000mm (118 x 118 inches).

Stretched Canvases
Each bespoke canvas is hand stretched to your measurements over a 36mm deep timber frame.

Choose between a white, black or image wrapped edge.

Wrapped edgeWrapped edge
White edgeWhite edge

Unstretched Canvases
Your canvas is supplied rolled and ready for you to stretch and frame yourself. This lightweight, flexible solution makes them ideal for overseas customers.

Unstretched Canvas

Your stretched canvas is supplied within 12 working days, securely wrapped and shipped inside its own bespoke rigid box.

Fixing plates are included.

Remember, these can be big prints, so please check access before ordering.

Unfortunately stretched canvases are unavailable to overseas customers on prints over 1500mm. We recommend you order an unstretched canvas if this is the case. Alternatively, contact us at [email protected] if you would prefer the canvas, frame and components to be sent to you disassembled for you to construct and stretch yourself.

Your unstretched canvas print is made to measure and supplied rolled within a rigid tube, within 12 working days.

For orders in the UK: £15 shipping cost for all orders under £150. For all orders over £150, shipping is FREE.

For orders in Europe: €20 shipping cost for all orders under €175. For all orders over €175, shipping is FREE.

For orders outside the UK & Europe: $30 shipping cost for all orders under $200. For all orders over $200, shipping is FREE.

To help track the progress of your Surface View product we provide an email receipt with your order, personal confirmation and tracking details of your dispatched product.

How to hang your stretched canvas

Hanging your stretched canvas is simple with our hanging plates.

Your unstretched canvas is ready to be stretched by your preferred experts.

Supplied with your stretched canvas:

  • 1-4 hanging plates depending of the size of your canvas.
  • Screws
  • Picture hook(s)
  • Hardened picture nails

What you’ll need: 

  • Tape measure
  • Spirit level
  • Soft pencil
  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer

1) For smaller canvases you will only need one hanging plate fixed to the centre of the top stretcher bar of your canvas. For larger canvases we recommend you use two hanging plates and space them equally across the top stretcher bar, along with one hanging plate fixed to the centre of the bottom stretcher bar of your canvas. See the above image (B) for how to fix these to the stretcher bar to ensure your fixings are invisible when the canvas is hung. When you are satisfied on their position, checking that they are square to the frame, fix them in place with the screws provided.

2) Once the hanging plates are fixed to the frame, you are now ready to mark where your picture hooks need to be located. Offer your canvas up to the wall and use a spirit level (C) to make sure the canvas is square, then use a soft pencil to mark the top edge and sides of the frame. (D) Next, measure the distance from edge of the canvas to the centre of each hanging plate and from the top of the canvas frame to the bottom of the hanging plate(s). Mark these points on the wall.

3) Place the picture hook on the wall so that the centre of the bottom edge of the hook lines up with the fixing points you have marked on the wall. Using a hammer fix the picture hook in place with the hardened picture nails provided. (E) Check the hook is secure before hanging your canvas. Offer the canvas up to the wall and lower the hanging plates onto the hooks. Allow to hang freely.

4) Stand back and admire!

If you have any questions about installation, please contact us on +44(0)118 922 1327 or email [email protected] for further information and advice.


Download our canvas install guide PDF

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