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P&O Heritage

The romance of travel by sea in a bygone era, when getting from A to B was not about how fast but how well you travelled. Explore this range of stunning vintage travel posters that encapsulate the excitement and glamour of travel in the early 20th century when destinations like Australia, America, Scandinavia, the Pacific and the ‘Orient’ where exotic and exciting.

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Valetta viewed from a P&O Steamer
P&O Braganza off the English Coast
P&O Steamer off Aden
P&O Cruises to Norway
Orient Line Trans Pacific
Cruises to Norway and the Baltic
Orient Line to Norway
Cruise to Norway
Cruises to Norway
P&O Winter Cruises
A Winter Tour by P&O
Around the World with P&O
Boomerang fares to and from Australia
Canberra in King George V dry-dock, Southampton
Connecting Services with BI
Cruises to Orkney & Shetland
Float or fly with Orient Line
Orient Line Cruise Brochure
Travel in comfort to Australia
World map designed for the Orient Line