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Natural History Museum

Widely acknowledged as the worlds pre-eminent centre of natural history and research we have delved into the museums extensive archive of antique books, journals and artworks and found some hidden jewels.

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A Collection of Beetles
Acacia Holosericea
Amadagascan orchid
Andersonia Caerulea, Foxtail
Cervical Vertabrae of Llama- like Mammal
Chinese Water Spinach Reeves Collection
Coloured Sketches of Insects
Common Loon, Gavia Immer
Deplanchea Tetraphylla
Dictyota Atomaria
Elder - Grey
Elder - White
Elephant Skulls
Hyaenanche Globosa
Hyaenanche Globosa, Hyaena Poison
Ipomoea Laba, Moonflower
Iridaea Edulis
Jawbone of Mylodon Darwinii
Lamberia Formosa, Mountain Devil
Laminaria Saccharina
Large White, Pieris Brassicae
Leach's Storm-petrel, Oceandroma Leucorhoa
Long-tailed Blue, Lampides Boeticus
Lycaenidae Hairstreak Butterflies
Lycaenidae Hairstreak Butterflies
Macropiper Excelsum
Mangifera Indica
Materia Medica

From butterflies to bugs and flowers to fish, our Natural History Museum collection opens up a wealth of fascinating finds, bringing the beauty, diversity and antiquity of nature into your interior.

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