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National Maritime Museum

Fans of the nautical, the meticulous or the random will be fascinated by this selection of paintings, maps, charts and photographs. They depict epic stories of exploration and endeavour to the meticulous detail of maritime engineering, all from the archives of the famous museum in Greenwich, London, the world’s largest maritime museum.

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Olympic 1911
Onboard Grace Harwar
Onboard the Herzogin Cecilie III
Onboard the Parma I
Onboard the Parma II
Onboard the Parma III
Onboard the Parma IV
Onboard the Rhone
Page from an Atlas
Page from Manuscript Atlas I
Page from Manuscript Atlas II
Plan of Toulon
Plans for HMS Hector
Plans For The Mauretania
Pool Pillow Fight
Profile plan of a 25 foot Steam Cutter
Reiner Ottens' Atlas
Repulse of Linois by the China Fleet
Scene at the entrance to the Yang Tse Kiang river at Woosung
Ship Plan Of The Paddle Steamer Persia