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National Maritime Museum

Fans of the nautical, the meticulous or the random will be fascinated by this selection of paintings, maps, charts and photographs. They depict epic stories of exploration and endeavour to the meticulous detail of maritime engineering, all from the archives of the famous museum in Greenwich, London, the world’s largest maritime museum.

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Converting A Cunarder To A Merchant Ship†
Deck Below Funnel
Deck Scene, Kylemore†
Details For The Alagoas
Details For The Gulf On Ancud†
Details For The Phidias
Details Of Rigging On The Kylemore With Island†
Diving controls while submerged
Drifting onto a rocky coast
German Fleet Manoeuvres On The High Seas
HMS 'Aurora' inboard profile plan as fitted
La Roussette a Tete Cendre
Le Chameleon A Nez Fourchout†
Mainmask Sails
Map of the World
Mending Sails On The Deck Of The 'Birkdale'†
Midship section plan of 'Terror'