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National Maritime Museum

Fans of the nautical, the meticulous or the random will be fascinated by this selection of paintings, maps, charts and photographs. They depict epic stories of exploration and endeavour to the meticulous detail of maritime engineering, all from the archives of the famous museum in Greenwich, London, the world’s largest maritime museum.

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Diagram of the Comet of 1858
Telescopic appearance of the moon, backlit
Chart of London City
View of Amsterdam
Plan of 10ft Punt or Balsa Life Raft
Midship Section From HMS Fearless
The 'Cutty Sarrk' at Sunset
Sixty Degrees South
Seascape by Herbert Barnard John Everett
Oaitepeha Bay, Tahiti
A waterfall in Tahiti
18th century diving apparatus, I
18th century diving apparatus, II
18th century diving apparatus, III
6-inch Triple Mounting Marck XXIII plan relating HMS 'Belfast'
A cascade in the Tuaruru Valley, Tahiti
A chart of the easternmost part of the East Indies
A Convoy Of The First World War†
A Convoy, 1918