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Maps & Charts

Find your favourite places in our selection of Maps and Charts, including blueprints for ships and some of the earliest maps of London.

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Chart of London City
Bowles's New Pocket Plan
Jacobus de la Feuille Map of Westminster
A Prospect of London and Westminster
Midship Section From HMS Fearless
Diagram of the Comet of 1858
Pilgrim Map of Mathura
Pilgrim Map of Varanasi (Benares)
A map of Napoleonic Europe
World Map, 1530
A plan of Hyde Park, 1766
Map of the New Military Road
The Metropolitan Public Gardens Association
London in miniature with the surrounding villages
Carey's New Plan
A Balloon View I
District Railway
Londinum Feracissimi Angliae Regni Metropolis
London Poverty Map of Hoxton
Cruchley's New Plan of London
Stanford's Library Map of London
Map of the World
Page from Manuscript Atlas I
Page from Manuscript Atlas II
View of Amsterdam
British Empire Shipping Map
Bleau Atlas
Commercial chart of the world
The Section Of A Third Rate
Manuscript Map of Peking
Plans For The Mauretania