Wall Murals vs Wallpaper: Exploring the Difference

How To / 02 Oct 2023

When it comes to transforming your living space, the choices seem endless. Amongst the myriad of options, two stand out as powerful tools for redefining the walls in your home: wall murals and wallpaper.

While both have the ability to breathe new life into a room, they each bring a unique character and style. Delve into what sets these two design elements apart and why you should choose a wall mural from Surface View over traditional wallpaper rolls.

Understanding Wall Murals 

What Are Wall Murals?

As the name suggests, wall murals are large-scale, custom-designed artworks that cover an entire wall or a significant portion of it. Wall murals transform your walls into works of art, designed to capture attention and make a statement.

The Power of Wall Murals

A compelling aspect of wall murals is their capability for personalisation. Whether it is a breathtaking landscape, an abstract masterpiece, or an elegant chinoiserie design, wall murals offer a canvas for your imagination.

Unpacking Traditional Wallpaper 

What is Wallpaper?

Wallpaper, on the other hand, typically consists of repeated patterned designs that are applied to all walls in the room. Wallpaper has been used in interior decors for centuries, offering a wide range of patterns, colours and textures.

The Use of Wallpaper 

Wallpaper can certainly add charm to a home’s interior décor, offering versatility in creating subtle backdrops. However, when it comes to making a bold statement and transforming a space into a unique masterpiece, as wall mural often takes the spotlight.

Choosing a Wall Mural over Wallpaper 

Breathtaking Focal Point

Imagine walking into a room and being immediately transported to another world. That is the magic a wall mural can bring to your living space.

A wall mural is like having a piece of an art gallery in your home. It serves as a captivating focal point, drawing the eye and creating a powerful visual impact. This is effective in spaces where you want to make a bold statement or set a specific mood.  

Unlimited Personalisation 

Choosing a wall mural is like curating a piece of your own personal art collection, tailored to your exact specifications. When you choose a wall mural from Surface View you can choose any image and then crop or scale it in the exact way you want for your space. It is an opportunity to infuse your space with a distinct element that reflects your taste, style and passions.

With wall murals you have the creative freedom to select any design, whether you are captivated by urban landscapes or drawn to the serenity of nature or have a small part of a favourite image you want on a large scale. Let your walls become a canvas that tells a story, adorned with colours, shapes and themes that resonate with your interior styling.

Spatial Illusion and Perspective  

Wall murals have the incredible ability to alter the perception of space. A well-chosen, well-placed mural can make a small room feel larger, create depth or even transport you to another world entirely.

They offer a versatile means of manipulating the visual dynamics of space, allowing for a truly customised approach to design. When faced with a room that presents challenges in terms of size, a well-chosen wall mural can be the key to unlocking its full potential.

Selecting the ideal wallpaper mural for your home can seem an exciting and daunting task. We walk you through the art of making the ideal decision to guarantee your mural blends seamlessly with your surroundings in our guide to choosing the ideal wall mural for the space you have.

Why Choose a Surface View Wall Mural?

Choosing a wall mural from Surface View is an investment in unparalleled quality, craftsmanship and artistic expression. Our extensive range of wall murals spans from timeless classics to cutting-edge contemporary art, providing options for every aesthetic.

At Surface View, each made-to-measure wall mural is customised to your exact specifications.  One of the remarkable advantages of buying a wall mural from Surface View is the ability to precisely crop and select the specific area of an image that you want to feature. This customisation allows you to curate a mural that resonates perfectly with your vision and complements your space.

By carefully selecting the portion of the image that holds the most significance or aesthetic appeal, you can transform any wall into a truly unique and personalised masterpiece. Whether it's capturing a stunning landscape's focal point, emphasizing intricate details, or highlighting a meaningful element, the ability to crop an area empowers you to make your mural a reflection of your individual style and preferences.

With wall murals from Surface View you can completely transform your living spaces to new heights. Why settle for ordinary walls when you can have a work of art?

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