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Haynes Manuals

The mechanic’s bible, Haynes manuals are a graphic design classic.

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Black Beetle
Black Camper Van
Black Mini
Black Motorcycle
Black Spitfire
Deep Red Beetle
Deep Red Motorcycle
Golden Yellow Camper Van
Golden Yellow Mini
Golden Yellow Motorcycle
Lime/Lemon Mini
Lime/Pink Camper Van
Olive Green Camper Van
Olive Green Mini
Olive Green Spitfire
Plum/Orange Beetle
Soft Blue Beetle
Soft Blue Spitfire
White Beetle
White Camper Van
White Mini
White Motorcycle
White Spitfire

Our exclusive prints feature legendary vehicles including the Mini, VW Beetle, VW Camper-van, Landrover, Porsh and E-type Jaguar, illustrated as only Haynes knows how in these detailed engineer’s drawings. Explore the classic black and white originals as well as our vibrant colourways or contact us to specify your own colour.