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Getty Images

Timeless black and white photographic classics from across the 20th century, courtesy of the Getty Images Gallery, one of the greatest resources of original photography by some of the world's most renowned photographers. Images include off-screen moments of  iconic film-stars including Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Michel Cane, Roger Moor, Sean Connery, Bridget Bardot and Al Pacino, as well as stunning shots of urban life and sporting prowess.

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Shaken not Stirred
New York
La Fenice
Carry On Tea Break
Grand Central Station
Get Down
Michael Caine
Sexy Scot
Kyra Alanova
Lunch on Fifth Avenue
Make-up Mirror
Monroe And Olivier
Trellick Tower
007 Catches Ursula
Al in London
Ali In Training
Backstage Faithfull
Ballroom Dancing
Bardot In Leather
Bedtime Audrey