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Clive Nichols

Clive is one of the world's foremost garden and flower photographers. The collection encapsulates the subtle beauty and sheer artistry of Clive's detailed flower studies.

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 Bridge at Dawn
A Doritaenopsis Orchid I
A Doritaenopsis Orchid II
A Doritaenopsis Orchid III
Amaryllis Black Pearl
Anemone Pavonina I
Anemone Pavonina II
Antique Surprise
Centre of a Dahlia
Centre of a Dahlia Dazzler
Centre of a Dahlia Tiptoe
Centre of a Peony
Centre of a Ranunculus III
Centre of a Rose I
Clematis Cassis I
Clematis Cassis II
Clematis Crystal Fountain
Clematis Empress
Clematis Peppermint
Crocus Vernus Pickwick
Crocus Zwanenberg Bronze
Dahlia Tiptoe
Deep Purple and Yellow Chrysanthemum
Deep Red Rose
Eddie's White Wonder
Encyclia Magdalenae
Exotic Star
Fancy Frills I
Field of Lavender
Harvington Hellebores
Hepatica Nobilis I
Hepatica Nolbilis II

The play of light, depth of field and colour in each image create works or art to grace any wall – find beauty in small things!