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Surface View was the first choice for North London based interior designer Grace Wasyluk of Gracious Spaces, when she needed assistance with an exciting interior design project for two of her clients, Poppy Smith and Karim Kassam.

Having been immersed in fashion, design and interiors during her 16 year career in magazines, Grace knew she could rely on Surface View to accomodate her clients specific request for a luxurious wallpaper mural for their home. With our customised artwork from famous artists and galleries around the globe, her clients Poppy and Karim had a vast range of options to choose from when looking for an impactful and eye-catching mural design that would be spectacular and also span across two levels of stairs within their stairway, hallway, and landing. 

To ensure the best possible results for her clients, it was agreed that an on site survey of the stairwell would be carried out at Poppy and Karim's home. This detailed on-site survey allowed the installation team to determine  exact requirements such as the texture of the walls, which materials would give optimal results and whether there were any challenges to overcome before installation started.

Once this was completed, the project was discussed with the wider project team to determine next steps and a clear plan of action. It was then decided that wall preparation was needed prior to starting the application of the mural, to ensure smooth application of the wallpaper mural.

The next stages of the process involved our studio compiling a layout to show Grace, Poppy and Karim a mock of the proposal. Grace suggested a few potential artworks that would complement each other, and we recommended two in particular which, when blended together, created a unique and beautiful finish that worked well with the layout of the space.

They decided on our elegant wallpaper mural ‘A Vase of Flowers with a Watch’ by Willem Van Aelst for a touch of dramatic flair, and ‘A Vase of Flowers on a Table’ by Simon Verelst for added floral sophistication .

It was lovely to receive the following feedback from Grace and to know that we have played a successful part in Poppy and Karim's interior transformation! To see more of Grace's interior projects you can follow her on Instagram, or if you would like to know more about our bespoke interior designs to play a part in your next project, you can contact us here.

“WOW - the mural looks amazing, the client is beyond thrilled and the installer was an absolute superstar! I wanted to let you know - fantastic service from start to finish!’

- Grace Wasyluk of Gracious Spaces

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