Cabinet of Curiosities

Are you ready to explore the peculiarities of nature from within your own home? Take a look at our Cabinet of Curiosities inspired collection of artwork to discover how.

A Forest Floor Still Life of Flowers
Horse Fly
Dragonfly 1
Head Fly
Carabus Sycophanta
Scarab Beetle
Dragonfly 3
South American Fish
Amadagascan orchid
Hyaenanche Globosa, Hyaena Poison
Reiner Ottens' Atlas
La Roussette a Tete Cendre
Fowl Skeleton: Lateral View
Anatomical drawing - the Thorax
Cervical Vertabrae of Llama- like Mammal
Elephant Skulls
Human Skeleton: Frontal View
Human Skeleton: Lateral View
Ninth Anatomical Table of Horse Muscles
Jawbone of Mylodon Darwinii
Flowers in a Vase with Shells and Insects
De Heem Floral Bouquet Painting
A Still Life of Flowers in a Wan-Li Vase
Young Man holding a Skull
Various Beetles 3
Bat, Phyllostoma Grayi
Dictyota Atomaria Cyanotype
Cinchona Floribunda
Exostema Caribaeum

Embrace Gothic Interiors

Any of these pieces would fit perfectly into a moody yet luxurious gothic interior. From dark floral wallpaper to skeleton canvases, read our tips for adding depth, character and mystery to your home with a gothic interior