The Moon

Surface View Blog / 09 Aug 2019

It is clear that the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landings has inspired the world to reflect in awe at one of humankind’s greatest achievements. But the Moon has inspired us for centuries, well before we could even look at it through a telescope, let alone set foot on its surface.

This long-lasting fascination with the Moon is the subject of a major new exhibition at the National Maritime Museum, part of Royal Museums Greenwich. The exhibition features over 180 objects including artefacts from NASA’s Apollo 11 mission. The exhibition presents a cultural and scientific story of our relationship with the Moon over time and across civilisations.

Featured in the exhibition is ‘A Diagram of the Telescopic Appearance of the Moon’, made by James Reynolds between 1846-1860. The diagram is one of a set of 12 hand-tinted astronomical prints with an explanatory card. It shows the magnified appearance of the Moon. This stunning image captures the Moon in all it’s glory and can now be transformed into your unique interior product.

Choose from wallpaper murals, canvases, wall hangings, art prints, ceramic tiles, blinds and window films, then simply input your measurements and select your crop. It's completely bespoke to you.

Discover detailed drawings of the Moon, photographs of comets and close ups of the Moon's craters. Each a fascinating documentation of Earth’s celestial neighbour, these images capture some of the earliest images of the moon which later went on to pave the way for astronomers. Find all our Moon images here.


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