5 Ways to Add a Little Pink into Your Interiors

Surface View Blog / 13 Jul 2021

Ever since Pantone named ‘Rose Quartz’ colour of the year in 2016, pink has been one of the trendiest colours around. 

The colour pink’s reputation has evolved considerably in recent years, ditching its girly, child-like connotations and reinventing itself as a colour that is romantic yet understated, feminine but not overly so and, most importantly, a beautiful addition to any room.

Another wonderful thing about pink is that it actually has the ability to boost our mood - its warm, positive tones radiate passion, fun and energy. Adding a little pink into your interiors has never been easier. Discover 5 ways to create your pretty in pink home.

1)    Pink Kitchen

If you’re looking to create a unique, sleek and chic kitchen then think pink! A pink kitchen is an excellent way to liven up your space and create a fun, fashionable interior. Whether you are looking for an ultra-modern aesthetic or a cute, feminine feel, there are many different ways you can make a pink kitchen work for you. You could opt for pink kitchen tiles, or if you’re not ready for that level of commitment, perhaps start with pink wall art and furnishings.

2)    Pink Wallpaper

Plain white walls are no longer the norm, with more and more people opting for beautiful wallpaper murals to add their own unique style and interiors. Pink wallpaper is perfect for creating a fun, positive and warm atmosphere. Cosy yet chic, pink floral wallpaper looks glorious in any room in the house. Match it with cool grey tones, or even with shades of yellow or sage green.

3)    Pink Bathroom

Incredibly chic pink bathrooms are extremely trendy at the moment and rightly so! A pink bathroom looks fresh, modern and can help create a soothing atmosphere for your well-deserved pamper sessions! Whether it be pink bathroom tiles or gorgeous pink wallpaper, match with grey and white tones for a super stylish look. Pairing the colour with brass and marble can help create an elegant, sophisticated pink bathroom.

4)    Pink Living Room

Pink is often said to have a soothing and calming effect, whilst also being associated with love, fun and passion. So, fashioning a pretty pink living room is definitely tempting! To create a stylish and refined living room, think blush and pastel pink matched with soft white and cool grey. Remember that sometimes less is more – a lovely subtle touch of pink in your wall art, furniture or wallpaper can really complete the look.

5)    Pink Wall Art

Perhaps you don’t want to plunge into a fully pink home just yet. Well, begin by incorporating a hint of pink here and there. Accessories and decor are far less of a commitment than paint or wallpaper. Think pink cushions and throws, or perhaps start with some understated but elegant pink wall art.

Create the Perfect Pink Home with Surface View

Whether you’re looking to completely transform your home into a pink paradise or if you’re just looking to add a little hint of pink décor, Surface View has the most stunning artwork for you to choose from. Explore our pink wall art and start perfecting your pink home.

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