Make a Statement With Dramatic Florals

Surface View Blog / 03 May 2022

As the days become brighter, the weather feels warmer and Summer lingers on the horizon, this month’s interior trend embraces statement patterns and prints that bring our inspiring outside surroundings to life inside our homes. 

Whether you’ve taken a floral fancy to bold bluebells or loud lilies, here at Surface View we have a stunning variety of statement floral art prints to choose from that will always leave a ‘blooming good’ impression.

Flowers For Any Occasion

The beauty of a statement floral interior is the wide repertoire of tastes that can be incorporated no matter what your personal preferences are. You may be infatuated with the subtle pastel tones of floral art prints such as ‘The Anselm’ for a chic understated look, or perhaps you prefer something a little more daring for your wallpaper murals like the beautiful pattern wallpaper ‘Orange and Flowers

Burst of Colour

Some of the most on-trend colours used by interior designers are the eye-catching brighter shades of yellow, evoking joy for any viewer, such as the beautiful yellow tones seen in ‘Lotus’ or the vibrant fusion of oranges and reds in ‘Quirky Bouquet’. These colourful floral pieces inspire feelings of happiness no matter what the weather may be outside. Perfect for instilling your daily dose of sunshine in an entertaining area or office. 

Another reason to love the statement floral trend is the range of floral art prints that perfectly capture the exotic greenery of warmer climates abroad, such as ‘Still Life with Flowers’, without having to leave the comfort of your home. What better way to welcome the longer, brighter days than sprucing up your home with a wallpaper mural that brings playfulness and eclectic style to the forefront of your interior decor.

The Power of Nature 

Having spent so long in our homes during the pandemic, looking to our gardens for interior inspiration is something we can all relate to. The rising trend of including flowers within our home décor allows us to experience an array of flourishing colours and wall canvases or wallpaper murals that will instantly uplift, revitalise and brighten any home. 

Surface View has a plethora of fresh, floral images and wall canvases that will dazzle your interior projects, from ‘Bluebell Fantasy’ with its sumptuous royal purples, to the peaceful ultra-realistic watercolour design of ‘ Chryantemum Frutescens & Delphinium Grandiflorum’ depicting marguerite daises and Siberian larkspur. The bright yellow daisies are sure to lighten your mood!

Revitalise Your Environment 

If you’re looking to create a soothing and calming environment to transform your bedroom or living space, then why not try a wallpaper mural such as ‘Lily Of The Nile, Plate 961 Reeves Collection’. The intricate, delicate details would add to the peaceful ambience of any room and this piece could lend itself as a subtle statement in an office setting to enhance those much-needed tranquil vibes. 

Floral imagery has often been a popular way to infuse some elegance and drama into your interior,  so if you’re wanting a seductive, darker, and more dramatic take on the statement floral trend, look no further than ‘Floral Still Life V’

The stunning contrast of this wallpaper mural incorporates the bright pink and purple flowers against the black background, and would be a great addition to any bedroom, providing an immersive, restful atmosphere. 

A Blooming Romance

If you’re considering creating a romantic aesthetic with a subtle touch of luxury and comfort to practical rooms often overlooked, such as your bathroom or kitchen, then the floral trend has proven to be an easy way to have both the functional and timeless touch. For example, ‘China Berry (Melia Azedarch)’ would look stunning as statement decorative wall tiles in a kitchen, turning functional to fabulous. 

In contrast to the minimalist vibes of ‘China Berry (Melia Azedarch), ‘White Lilies’ would be an iconic addition as a wallpaper mural on an accent wall in your bathroom. The colourful woodcuts of flowers with the blues, lilac and green tones instantly inspire the feelings of a fresh, soothing and romantic atmosphere. 

A Bounty of Blooms

Through the variety of Surface View’s beautiful statement florals collection, you’re able to surround yourself with some of the most inspiring, luxurious, and romantic wallpaper murals and floral prints that will never go out of style. No matter what your interior design may be, or how you wish to express your floral tastes, Surface View has a bounty of blooms for you to discover. 

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