Retro Romance

Surface View Blog / 16 Feb 2015

Still a major trend in interiors, our love for all things Retro in the home spans furniture, fabric, art and even paint colours. But we’re all big kids at heart, so it’s no surprise that the things that transport us back to yesteryear the most are the stuff of childhood.

Take for example, the humble comic book – who couldn't love their printed cartoon strips, striking graphics and witty captions? Our Beano & Friends collection of comic book graphics will give spaces a hit of retro cool, appealing to both those who loved the originals the first time around, as well as to the generations yet to meet this quirky cast of characters. We've just added new images to the collection from iconic comic Jackie – full of the psychedelic colour and groovy illustrative style that defined the Seventies. For an authentic vintage look, try blowing up a single cover image as a Birch Ply Print – the wood’s natural colour echoes the faded pages of the comics in their original form. 

The larger the better goes for our Land of Lost Content collection too – Fifties pin-ups and screen sirens make for statement walls with the wow-factor. Go full-on vintage with Midcentury inspired furniture, or mix it up with contemporary pieces. To take the look further, team with prints from the Fifties and Sixties in our Conran Fabrics Archive collection, available as blinds, wallpaper and lampshades.

Fun and playful, there are no rules with this trend, so go to town with filling walls with a collage of different sized prints, or hang smaller prints on top of wall murals and wallpaper for a cool clash. Use prints from our Vintage Festival and John Hinde Archive collections to coordinate with iconic comic graphics and patterns from the V&A. Or, if you’re using colour images, pick a few hues from its palette to accent the rest of your space – hot oranges, rich reds and earthy browns will compliment a retro inspired wall hanging or canvas beautifully. But aside from colour and pattern, texture is key – think thick velvets, shaggy rugs and cushions, and dark wood accents. Whichever iconic imagery or graphics you choose, make it your own by customising your crop, scale and dimensions for a modern take on retro.


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