Regency Style - Embracing Our Inner Opulence

Surface View Blog / 01 Apr 2022

We have already had our hearts and minds captured once by the seductive and deliciously charming Netflix series Bridgerton. In the first 28 days alone of season one’s release, Netflix recorded that 82 million viewers tuned in to this epic saga of love and lace. 

With the second season’s recent release, we can be certain the Regency Style trend is very much still enchanting and inspiring so many of our homes. This aesthetic encourages us to embrace pastel colours, antique features and accessories, embroidered patterns, dramatic fabrics, and delicate damask statements.

Which is why Surface View is ready to celebrate the bold and the beautiful through our curated collection, certain to transport your interior to a new era. 

Statement Style

The opulent, quintessential regency style that so many of us have fallen in love with echoes much of the classic designs and colour palettes we’re used to, but with an elegant twist. For example, the classic white and blue combination often seen on porcelain vases can bring a touch of regal flair to your home. These porcelain inspired statement pieces such as ‘Porcelain’ looks fabulous as a roller blind, wall paper mural or canvas. It’s the perfect way to infuse some drama and elegance into the tiniest of spaces within your décor. 

For something a bit bolder, ‘Fragment of Flock Wallpaper’ injects a sense of grandeur into your home. Taken from the wallpaper in The Ballroom at Lydiard Park in the 1830s, this lively pattern is ideal as a wallpaper mural on a statement wall.

Flora & Fauna

Taking inspiration from the early 19th century, Regency Style dares us to celebrate a luxurious sophistication within our homes. Flora and fauna enable you to fuse the old with the new in perfect harmony. A lush botanical design such as our stunning statement wallpaper mural ‘Hanging I’ is the ideal approach when indulging your delicate interior tastes.  With the intricate detail and bold pops of dusky pink and blue hues, this mural instantly enchants any room. Shop our botanical wallpaper murals to find your perfect pairing.

‘Flamingoes and Magnolia Panel’  would not look out of place in a stately home, or indeed, a Regency style design scheme. The light pinks of the flamingos and the bluish black water makes this design particularly striking. On ceramic tiles or as a wallpaper mural – you’d certainly be making a statement.

A Timeless Love Affair

Of course, like any trend that ebbs and flows, it’s always a good idea to incorporate a classic design that never goes out of style. The beautiful fabric design ‘Paris sous la Consulat’, showing 19th century figures in Paris, will add a soupçon of  history and heritage to your décor. Alternatively, a chinoiserie wallpaper mural, like ‘Camellia Chinoiserie Jade Green’ is the epitome of chique luxury. Both will age gracefully and always be in style. 

Dashing Damask 

From an interior’s perspective, nothing resonates more with the Regency era than damask wallpaper. Embrace the style as a wallpaper mural and accessorize with plush velvet cushions, ornate gold side lamps and dark wood furniture like mahogany. For a bedroom, ‘Cranford Damask Mist Blue’ would be dreamy and for more of a statement wall, ‘Cranford Damask Onyx Black’, based on a Rococco-syle wallpaper document from Cranford House in Middlesex, will certainly stand out.

Regency at the Core

From subtle nods through a roller blind, to outright opulence with a wallpaper mural, there are numerous ways to bring this interior design style into your home. So whichever part of the Regency Style collection may capture your attention and heart, Surface View has a charming and extensive part to play in your next interior love affair. 

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