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Surface View Blog / 11 Sep 2019

The second of our new launches this autumn is Walls on Walls alongside Archive Views. Transforming original photography surfaces and wall finishes, we're delighted to showcase these new and exciting designs. 

Walls on Walls is a range of six contemporary textures and surfaces. Each design has been reinvented from the original - the layouts changed, details refined and new colourways created to give options that work brilliantly in either contemporary or classic interiors. We love them as mural wallpaper in kitchens, living rooms, and home offices. Don’t be afraid to use these designs in bedrooms, they make a great backdrop to textured linen bedding. 

Four designs are created from high resolution photography of real walls which have then been reworked to a repeating pattern and a realistic scale based on a 2.5 metre high wall but can be extended for taller and wider walls on request.

Brickwork is a design of distressed vintage red brick that repeats horizontally. Perfect to create the café culture look in your own home the design is available in the original colourway and a soft grey.

Metal Tile Wall shows a repeating pattern of metal panels embossed with a strong cross pattern, painted and distressed then riveted together to create a striking tile effect. Available in the original colourway only, we love it in kitchen diners and home offices.

Ivy Wall is a repeating pattern of glossy ivy leaves that creates the effect of a living wall in your home. It is shown
online to a scale that fits a 2.5m high wall perfectly but can be repeated on request to fit taller walls. Available in the original colourway only.

Concrete Wood is a horizontally repeating design of a board formed concrete wall inspired by 1970s architecture and the iconic walls of London’s South Bank. Available in the original colourway and cool grey.

Two further designs have been created from images of distressed plastered and painted walls to create a horizontal textured effect and a softly textured kaleidoscopic pattern. Both work wonderfully as mural wallpaper and blinds.

Servants Quarters Stripe Mineral is a horizontal stripe pattern created from an image of derelict walls in the servants rooms at Calke Abbey. It is available in four colourways.

Glasshouse Check Dove Grey is an abstract textured pattern taken from an image of pealing painted walls at Calke Abbey in Derbyshire and is available in five colourways.


Browse the full range here and checkout the Lookbook here for both Walls on Walls and Archive Views.


Which is your favourite? Let us know on social media @surfaceview we'd love to hear your thoughts!

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