Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon landing

Blog / 19 Jul 2019

On July 20th 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon and made history. Now 50 years later, the fascination with the moon continues to thrive. We’ve seen it set fashion trends and it’s now shooting its way into our homes.

Create your own cool, cosmic interiors with our celestial scenes. From full moons to half-moons and even close up of craters of the moon’s surface, you’ll struggle to choose your favourites from these out-of- this-world designs.

Astronauts assemble!

Inspire your children’s bedrooms and spark creativity with our moon wall art. A sophisticated palette of black and white, that is sure to excite the young (and the not so young). Choose from hand drawn moon crater studies or team shooting star canvas art prints together for an intergalactic interior perfect for an aspiring astronaut.

Stargazing backdrops

Go starry-eyed for our moon wall art, for a subtle nod to our orbiting neighbour these classic artworks are supersized for a space enhancing scheme. Team your wall hanging with natural textures for an earthy look or keep it sleek with a large canvas and minimal accessories.

Go boldly

Embrace the impressive scale of the moon and sleep in outer space with a wallpaper mural in your bedroom. Keep it fresh with white bed linen, lighting and furniture and let your moon wallpaper mural do all the talking.

To Infinity and beyond!

Transport yourself to a galaxy far away with a simple framed art print or large canvas wall art. The timeless pairing of black and white is simple yet effective and the abstract nature of these gorgeous images means you’ll never grow tired of this space-age décor!

The Moon & The Vintage Photography Collection

Amelia Calver, Research and Development Manager for V&A Licensing explains, “Photography can be seen as a combination of science and art, in which advances in technique continually feed creativity and artistic achievement.”

With the 50th anniversary this year, it’s easy to assume that these photographs originate from the epic first moon landing, but Amelia explains this isn’t the case. “Before the Apollo 11 mission hundreds of thousands of images had already been captured on photographic plates and film.  One of the earliest photographs of the moon was taken by Warren De La Rue, a British astronomer and pioneer of astronomical photography, at his observatory at Cranford, Middlesex in the 1850s.”

“The lunar landscape is as much art as it is science and photographic images of craters and atmospheric optics are as visually interesting as they are informative with their dramatic lighting and celestial beauty.  The image of the moon standing out amid the blackness during an eclipse and streaks caused by the exposure time of stars on the tail of Halley’s Comet could be considered as artistic masterpieces and are certainly the most iconic images of a space race to a moon landing.”

Will you be adding the magnificent Moon to your interiors? Find the very best intergalactic artworks from our British Library, National Maritime Museum and the Vintage Photography collections here.

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