Majestic Blue Interiors for Your Home

Surface View Blog / 01 Jun 2022

With the Queen’s impressive Platinum Jubilee celebrations this month, we are seeing a variety of lush and traditional regal colours takeover the interior industry. It should come as no surprise then, that the most asked for and on-trend colour clients are asking their interior designers for is an exquisite bold blue. 

Looking to the Royal Family for interior inspiration has always been a popular choice for interior decorating, offering classic designs and aesthetics that will stay enchanting and timeless for generations to come. To celebrate this striking blue colour trend, Surface View have created a lavish collection of mural wall art, bespoke wallpaper and wall canvases that captures elegant tranquillity and powerful blue statements to enjoy in your home. 

A Royal Affair

In ancient cultures, the only culture that had a word for the beguiling bold blue hue were the ancient Egyptians. This is likely because they discovered lapis lazuli, a prized semi-precious stone used to embellish pharaohs tombs, and a favourite of Queen Cleopatra. Since then, this cherished colour has entranced royalty symbolising authority, wisdom, and freedom. 

Why not indulge your inner King or Queen with a subtle nod to ancient royalty, embracing soft sumptuous textures, seen in our ‘Ripple Ombre Classic Blue’ wallpaper mural. Instantly transforming your interiors into a luxurious and stylish setting Cleopatra would approve of. 

Of course, you can fully immerse yourself in the royal way of interior decorating, by opting for a statement mural with a complete regal colour palette. Our ‘Columbines’ ceramic tile mural would be a fabulous noble addition to spruce up your kitchen or dining areas, with its rich contrast of deep blues against the vivid strokes of stately purple accents. 

Blue is the New Black

It’s time to throw out the rule book when it comes to your go-to colour, blue is the new black and a highly versatile staple accommodating a range of interior styles. As seen in our wallpaper mural ‘Summer Breeze in the Channel’, depicting a gorgeous moody dark blue sea and its inky black depths below. This oil painting would look perfect in a bedroom setting, evoking rhythmic motions of rolling waves to settle you into slumber. 

Let’s go a step further and dispel the myth that blue and black don’t go together! Bold blue statements can easily be used in rooms with black features, accents, or furniture. In fact, this combination of cool blues and blacks creates a sophisticated backdrop. Our 19th century engraving mural wall art ‘Little Blue Heron, Egretta Caerulea’ would add a stunning natural scene to your living area or office for instant serenity.


Calm & Comforting Hues

The beauty of the bold blue trend, as seen in ‘Brighton Beach’ are these splashes of blue that complement any interior, no matter how big or small your project may be. Whether as bespoke wallpaper or mural wall art, Surface View offers you charming, calming, and comforting pieces that will transport you to peaceful surroundings. 

With the world experiencing unsettling times, it’s time to seek out a classic, comfortable colour that will enrich your interiors with a sense of familiarity and safety. Many associate blues with beautiful clear blue skies, and memories of sunny beach days instantly uplifting any mood. Wrap your interiors in a balmy symphony of colours, such as our ‘A Wheatfield with Cypresse’ painted by Van Gogh, certain to inspire feelings of calm and stillness. 

Accessible Interiors

Interior designers forecast the in-demand colour would be blue this year, before ‘Very Peri’ was named Pantone colour of the year, and Dulux announced ‘Bright Skies’ as colour of the Year for 2022. This adaptable shade offers accessibility for all interior projects, as seen in our wall canvases such as the William Morris design ‘Flowerpot’, this timeless style incorporates some of the boldest shades of nature into your decorating. 

Perhaps you’re looking to transform a smaller space with this adaptable choice of colour, in which case a wallpaper mural like ‘Midship Section from HMS Fearless’ or our contemporary chinoiserie design, ceramic tile mural ‘Clematis Powder Blue’ would be a unique statement to incorporate in smaller home studios or even a bathroom for that striking touch. 

A Powerful Statement

As a staple of these impressive regal colours, bold blue offers a vast spectrum of shades to choose from for any interior design project. It doesn’t matter if you prefer your blues as a majestic and moody wallpaper mural or tempted by the tranquil beauty of gentle muted shades like the delicate ‘Ming Mountain Scenic China Blue'. Surface View knows how to create a powerful statement that will ripple through your interior designs for ageless elegance. 

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