Kids Bedroom Ideas

Surface View Blog / 13 May 2021

Children are fickle and incredibly specific in their tastes – so how can you ever get it right all the time?

If you need some kids bedroom ideas that don’t make you feel like you need sunglasses to enter, don’t worry. Our sophisticated and whimsical Surface View prints create the perfect compromise for nursery decor through to teenage bedroom ideas and playroom ideas. Surface View prints are designed to grow with your little ones, giving them an anchor to their wonderful childhood memories.

Choosing the Perfect Nursery Decor

Nurseries are typically created during the nesting process, when we’re getting ready for our bundles of joy to arrive with the anticipation of sleepless nights, many nappy changes and endless cuddles. Nurseries are created as a safe space to introduce big, curious eyes to the magical world around them. With Surface View, it has never been easier to find the right nursery decor.

Soft flowing patterns and muted tones like ‘Clover’ from the V&A Collection create gorgeous kids wallpaper that would pair perfectly with modern or traditional furniture and different textures.

Spark Your Toddler’s Imagination

Adventure is out there! Finding toddler bedroom ideas that not only look beautiful but also allow children to explore the world and its wonders, all from their bedrooms and playrooms, is so exciting.

Does your son or daughter have dreams of travelling the seven seas, going to outer space, exploring through big leafy jungles, or dancing through princess-style flower fields? We have an abundance of images that would look great as kids’ wallpaper or kids' wall art and will add colour, warmth, and comfort that your child will love. If you need playroom ideas, then we recommend choosing bold decor on the walls, so you are creating more useable floor space with plenty of room to play. Get your toddler involved too. This will allow them to have a sense of ownership and build the foundations of their responsibility to tidy it themselves… maybe one day!

Not every toddler’s bedroom needs to be overtly playful to be age-appropriate. Sometimes it just makes more sense to keep the kid-friendly elements subtle. Think blush pinks, creamy tones, warm beige accents, and lush greens for beautiful, sophisticated toddler bedroom ideas.

Or you could be daring with our awe-inspiring 'Full Moon, between 1858 and 1862'. If you’re looking for playroom ideas, then this could be printed as kids wallpaper to create a bold and unique children’s room.

Make the Most and Multipurpose Your Children’s Bedrooms

No longer toddlers, finally past threenagers, but not quite the dreaded teenage years. Being a big kid comes with more responsibility, developing likes and dislikes and your own sense of (occasionally questionable) style.

Their room is no longer just a bedroom, but a personal space that has multiple purposes. Whether they are having friends over, hanging out, studying, or focusing on hobbies, the bedroom of a child sees many activities. A great idea for kids’ bedrooms, without it being overbearing, is to add an anchor to the room. The anchor acts as a statement piece which the rest of the styling revolves around. A statement art piece could be kids’ wallpaper, a perfectly chosen canvas or even a super simple but elegant wall hanging.

Teenage Bedroom Ideas That You’ll Both Love

One of the most exciting moments of a teen’s life is decorating their own bedroom with far more freedom of choice than ever before. As parents, you are likely to still be partly involved - only if to ensure that bedroom walls remain in one piece! When looking for teenage bedroom ideas, it’s important to remember the transition from childish bedroom tastes to a trendy young adult bedroom can be created quickly with the use of colour, pattern and texture. 'Butterflies and Chrysanthemums’ is a gorgeous, vibrant and trendy image that is absolutely perfect as a teenage bedroom wallpaper.

Ready to explore Surface View?

We all remember our first bike, favourite pair of shoes, and exactly how your bedroom looked when you were little. The décor of a child’s room creates those anchor points that will give them the memories of you reading them their favourite bedtime story for the 100th time and the warm safe loving home you provide.

Pick and choose from kids wallpaper, nursery decor and much more to create something you both love – without compromise! So, for some more kids and toddlers bedroom ideas, browse our children’s bedroom collection now.

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