Joyful Playful - Buoyant Enjoyment in Your Interior

Surface View Blog / 01 Aug 2022

As we relish in the sensational summer sun, we can find this time of year is filled with nostalgia of childhood joy, plain and simple. We can enjoy our delicious ice cream and find our way to the beautiful sandy beach, and at the end, there may even be tales of holiday excitement in Paris, Sicily, or the beautiful English countryside to enchant and delight us for months to come. 

We can continue to experience that enjoyment of life found in summer adventures, as we draw inspiration from the colourful world around us, to create beautiful interior spaces that radiate "joie de vivre." The Joyful Playful theme is inspired by vibrant and marvellous collections at Surface View and is designed to encourage happy, beautiful spaces, amidst vibrant mural wall art, bespoke wallpaper and wall canvases. So, free your imagination and enrich your home with prints and patterns that will make you feel elated.

Zesty Motifs

Let’s enjoy the bedazzling world around us and allow the vibrancy and delight that nature brings to become the inspiration. When we open our eyes to the abundance of fun patterns that surround us, there is much to take in. Feel energised over Kendra Dandy's 'Leaf Crown Flamingos'. This pink pineapple flamingo print is the perfect addition to any decor when you want to invite spirited energy into your home. This repeating graphic pattern art looks fantastic as a wallpaper mural, wall canvas, or even as a wall hanging for that pop of delight.

For something that’s quirky and fresh, “Citrus Grapefruit” by Michael Angove is found bursting with flavour and colour. Set against a pink background, this playful interior design is above all light-hearted and uplifting, designed to make you feel like you have had that daily dose of vitamin C. Perfect as a wallpaper mural, wall canvas, art print, or even a roller blind, this piece allows you to introduce the brightest colours from nature indoors, and tap into those happy memories.

Bright-eyed Blooms

Experience a festival of florals, with blossoming looks which beam energy. See a thousand nectarine blossoms in soft peachy pink with Michael Angove’s ‘Honey Blossom’, which is an exultation of spirit, sparking the joy of conversation over the accented, dripping honeycomb and eusocial flying honeybees.

Alternatively, envision yourself waking up to the stunning brilliance of pink roses within Rana Salam's unique collage, 'Ward Mashalla's Heavenly Roses'. Inspired by popular art and culture, it is the ultimate piece to begin your day, full of the promise of positivity inspired by Middle Eastern sunshine. Whether as a roller blind, painting, or print, this combination of kitsch can contribute to bringing the delight of nature into any home.

Peppy Patterns

A fun and exciting addition to your home can be a pretty pattern with vibrant colours. However, 'Shades and Stripes' pulls out the 1970s pattern of lines and rectangles for a more nostalgic retro feel, perfect if you're looking for a more subdued burst of colour to pique your creativity. Whether you enjoyed playing water games with your friends or making daisy chains as a child, a wonderful piece of art in your favourite setting can evoke fond memories of your youth.

Ella Dorans' 'Gridlock Pink' encounters a stunning assortment of bright colours and cheery patterned cars in search of more childish whimsy, with a subtly humorous hint to the gridlock that may not always offer you joy. This makes it the ideal distinguishing statement to include as a bold print in smaller home studios, or even in a bathroom as striking ceramic tiles that just might make you smile!

Create Your Own Joy

When we look at the natural world, it is filled with uplifting elements such as beautiful birds, striking butterflies, sumptuous berries, and glorious sunshine. The eye-catching prints and patterns in the Surface View Joyful Playful collection will put a smile on your face and create a positive ambience in your home. Whether you adorn your bedroom with a distinctive custom canvas, add an art print to your bedroom for morning inspiration, place a stunning wallpaper mural in your study for motivation while you work, or add whimsical ceramic tiles to your bathroom to help you enjoy your relaxation time. It's all about expressing happiness and creating a space that, in the end, sparks joy. 

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