Refresh your Interiors with Inspiring Wall Hangings

Surface View Blog / 20 Jul 2020

Curate your own personal gallery of exquisite art with our portfolio of canvas wall hangings and transform your interiors with beautiful wall tapestries that ignite your creativity and express your personality.

Breathtaking Botanical Prints

Rediscover your passion for the great outdoors and enjoy the beauty and diversity of nature, with antique style wall hangings depicting artwork and research that invites you to a wealth of new discoveries.

These canvas wall tapestries perfectly encapsulate nature in its rawest form, with incredible illustrations of wildlife and botanical studies.

Do something a little different and brighten your interiors with high-quality wall hangings from these exquisite collections. Discover the full New York Botanical Gardens and Royal Horticultural Society collections and refresh your interiors with Surface View.

Regal Illustrations

Our collection of wall hangings is a cornucopia of global arts, home to an array of dramatic, antique paintings and illustrations from all over the world.

From historic prints to royal designs, our portfolio of exquisite canvas wall hangings are perfect for anyone wanting to make a statement with their interiors.

Discover the perfect piece for your home gallery and transcend place and time with breath-taking images ranging from delicate Japanese illustrations, to 18th century Persian art, and Pre-Raphaelite paintings.

Inspire your interiors and view the full Ashmolean Museum Collection

How will you refresh your home?

Whether your style is sleek and sophisticated, or bohemian chic, Surface View have the perfect prints and wall hangings to bring your décor dreams to life. 

Shop our full collection of wall hangings and give your home the refresh it needs! Share your newly upgraded walls with us on social media @surfaceview for a chance to be featured on our page!

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